Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tales of a Clingy Wife: Week 8 of 522

Part of #Dream2026 is making sure DTM and I keep a healthy relationship by having a life outside of each other.

But that does not stop me from inappropriately proudly sharing to the whole world how much of a mess independent I was with DTM away.

So I was live FB-ing the entire time he and I were apart under the label #TalesOfAClingyWife. Here was my post, hour one into my weekend without the husband. I am sure this made my parents real proud of me.

1. On waking up
Does this also apply to you?

Friday, July 08, 2016

Of Foreclosed Properties and #Dream2026: Week 5 of 522


2 things:
  1. Friend A pointed out that I should try living in a beachfront house for a month and test if I really, REALLY, like the beach or just the novelty it brings during vacations. 
  2. Friend B pointed out that I should buy the property now through the bank because the price is lower now (under the assumption that land typically appreciates over the years) than it will be in 10 years. And I am setting aside monies now to buy it so might as well drop it directly on the property. 
Crystallizing moment. Buy the property now to address both points.

I am now in the PS Bank website looking at foreclosed properties.

Why not, choc nut?
And then there's also this by Pag-ibig.

It's a sign.

Sometimes, I am too action oriented for my own good.

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