Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in the Hospital

I have been out of commission for the past few days not because I was out partying because of the Yuletide season. Not even because I was celebrating my first few days as a free unemployed woman (more on this on a later post) but because I was in the hospital on Christmas day.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lumpia Lovin' at The Big Little Store

Last month, Deep Tissue Massage Boy and I went to Gilmore to "window shop" for laptops. And every single time we go to Gilmore, I end up craving me some fresh lumpia (spring rolls) lovin' from The Big Little Store!
Is it big? Is it little?! I get so confused I end up eating.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

7 Words: Mundane or Obscene?

Asapu.ke ing bola keng lalam ning tete. Most Filipinos who hear this think they are hearing a vulgar sentence with the presence of the words "pu.ke" and "tete." But what this sentence actually means is nasapo ko yung bola sa ilalim ng tulay (I caught the ball under the bridge). This became the topic once in a smoking break in our office and we had a good laugh about it. So I thought of making a list of seemingly mundane words in some dialects but sound all sorts of wrong in Tagalog (or is it Filipino? Feel free to correct me o dear reader).

7 P0ta
Kapampangan translation: Later | Tagalog translation: Wh0re (usually used in cursing)
Mamaya VS Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Monday, December 19, 2011

No Such Thing as a Small Contribution

As the death toll in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan rises (more details here), I have decided to skip my Fun-Day Monday post and offer this instead. The good people from my company's HR compiled all the legitimate avenues that will allow us to contribute in our own little way to our friends down south. Hope you open your hearts this Tuesday morning and contribute.
(Photo from inquirer.net)

Remember, if you are hesitant to donate because you can only contribute what you think is a small amount, keep this quote from Patrick Lafcadio Hearn in mind,
"All good work is done the way ants do things, little by little."

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shameless Plug: Bee's first ever Blogcontest!

Would you like to get some of these items?
You are mine Ellena taffy lipgloss
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Hurry, the contest ends at December 25, 12 noon!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 7 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

In my previous blog post, I may have said that I am sortakindalike the Grinch around Christmas time. I want to clarify though that, expenses aside, I still heart Christmas (yes, I now <3 things as I am down with the kids). I may not have the same child-like wonder I used to have when this time of the year comes but I have my fair share of reasons why I love the Filipino Christmas.
Because a Filipino Christmas wouldn't be complete without the fake styrofoam "snoman"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 7 Indicators of Being an Old Couple

Deep Tissue Massage boy and I have been in a relationship now for roughly over 7 years. (Yes, our relationship is old enough to be in first grade.)
I learned a lot about him over the years, which I'd love to share in this blog as they are hella funny but he might go ape mad at me if I do so let's just say I know stuff about him that he dare not share with others. Let your imagination go wild.

Anyway, our relationship grew as the years passed and there are a lot of things that we no longer do that we used to when we were 7 months young. As DTM would always say nowadays, "Di ka naman ganyan dati nung bago tayo." (You weren't like that before.) To which I answer with "Di mo kasi binasa yung fine print sa manual ko. O, touch move na." (You did not read the the fine print in my manual. No backsies!)

Obviously, we are no longer in the "honeymoon" stage of our relationship. But how do you know if you are no longer in this sweet, everything-is-so-fine-and-dandy phase? Here are my top 7 indicators that you and your honey are no longer in the honeymoon stage.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun-day Monday: Mangoong-ing the blues away

Garfield and I are understand each other when it comes to Mondays. Ever since I was able to understand that a Monday is the start of the school week, I began to loathe it with passion.

To remedy this, I promised myself that I will try something new every Monday. This way I can psych myself to look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them like my dog hates her groomer. (I'm betting that when my dog has nightmares, it's her groomer that chases her with shears.)

So today, I tried Mango-ong for the very first time.
Mango-ong is Mango + Bagoong (shrimp paste)

Friday, December 09, 2011

Top 7 Signs Of Getting Old

I just watched an interesting rerun of How I Met Your Mother.  Ted made a list for Barney challenging him to do things they did when they were young. Ted bets that he, Barney, could no longer do them all because Barney is, and I quote from the episode, "too old for this stuff."

Barney and Ted shaking on the challenge (Image from sharetv.org)

This got me to thinking about how I am also "too old for some stuff". Thus I present to everyone my top 7 signs of getting old.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Eating Chicken Feet and Stinky Rice in Hap Chan

I am the type of foodie that relates more to Andrew Zimmern in TLC's Bizarre Foods than with Jaime Oliver or with Rachel Ray. I tend to order unconventional food items listed on the menu more than the usual burger and fries. Case in point, when we were in Vietnam recently, I exclusively ate food that I knew I will not find in Metro Manila. Except for pho (Mental online note, must do a review of Pho Hoa soon).

That is why when we went to Hap Chan recently, instead of ordering our usual fare of sweet and sour shrimp and yang chow fried rice, I opted for chicken with salted fish rice and chicken feet.

This led to a dinner filled with the aroma of stinky hot fish and chicken feet bones sticking out my mouth.

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Mini Chess Museum that is Pan de Amerikana

When Deep Tissue Massage boy and I get off from work, we are usually too tired to whip up something in the kitchen. So we are always on the look out for places that serve good food that open at 8 am.

That's why when Looks-like-Kris-Aquino's-youngest-son Boy showed me the link to Pan de Amerikana, and I saw their store hours are from 6am to 7pm, I got uber excited.

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