Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mmmmister Kabab

I am an addict. A Persian food addict that is. If there is one condiment I want to have at home, its the white sauce from Mister Kabab. I think it goes well with everything, even pizza. (barf if you must but don't knock it 'til you try it!)

Just writing this is making my water mouth (and it does not help that Deep Tissue Massage boy is chopping onions beside me). So I am going to make this review short and sweet to avoid accumulating a huge puddle of drool on my lap.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tips on Moving Out: Part 2

On my previous moving out post, I discussed what I did before the actual move out. As promised, I will give you a break down of what happened on the day of move out. Before you go any further, full disclosure, my actual moving out process was not my best laid out plan. But I do hope this post will help you avoid what I did.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Eldest Speaks

I know I was supposed to blog the part 2 of my How to Move Out series but life is getting in the way. So I am going to write about the one thing we all rebelled from when we were teenagers and leaned on to as we grew up -- our family.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tips on Moving Out: Part 1

Or another possible title for this post is, How Not to Screw up. No matter how many articles I read online on how to prepare myself from this big task of moving out, I still messed up pretty big. If not for Deep Tissue Massage boy and his mom, I may still be in my old flat, with my stuff crammed in boxes and my dog licking my the tears off my face.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Adventures of Spa Girl #5: Ahavia Lounge Spa

All I knew was that we were going to Ahavia Lounge Spa as Deep Tissue Massage Boy's birthday gift to me. I was expecting a massage but little did I know that DTM had other plans.

But before I talk about that, it's interesting to note that when we got there around 10 pm, the parking lot of Ahavia was packed. On a Thursday night?! Just goes to show that there are a lot of us BPO people spending our "Thanksgiving holiday" getting pampered.

Birthday Dinner! House of Minis

I was craving for some red meat before our trip to Ahavia Lounge Spa so Deep Tissue Massage Boy took me to House of Minis in Greenhills. It's a good thing that DTM Boy is not yet a vegetarian (he claims to wants to become a vegetarian for his love of all animals) or else I will not have anyone to share my beef cravings with.

Anywhozzle, going back to the House of Minis. Click below for the full story.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Enjoying Birthdays since 1985


Many, many, infinity THANKS to all those who greeted me in my special day. Although the avenues differ - social networking sites, e-mail or instant message, they all made my heart giddy enough to do multiple backflips and cartwheels.

P.S I especially loved the cake overdose from Super High School Girl, Cranky Colleague, Sailor Uranus and Looks-like-Kris-Aquino's-youngest-son Boy. I could have done without the sugar high that I got after though but that's the price you pay after eating your third slice of ice cream cake. If only my mom was there, she would've said, "baka magka-jabetis ka" (you might get diabetes).

 Again, much love back people!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's my Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank heavens for US holidays as my birthday always lands on Thanksgiving Day. Thus, no work for moi and Deep Tissue Massage boy. And as my birthday gift for myself, I availed another day of leave on the 25th. Purr-fection.

Tomorrow, DTM boy promised to take me to Ahavia Lounge Spa located in San Juan City, near Greenhills. It was supposed to be a surprise but DTM also has a negative EQ level, so he just had to tell me (although he claims that he told me his plans because he needed my navigational powers).

But going back to my initial train of thought... gak! It's my birthday! I know I am an adult now and I should not be excited about my birthday because it's the adult thing to do. But my mom, bless her heart, brought me up in a way that I expect my birthday to be a big freakin' holiday. So sue me.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sonya's Garden: Salad OVERLOAD

This is my second retro-post for the day. Deep Tissue Massage boy spent a lunch date with his family here so on our 7th year anniversary, he suggested we drive all the way to Tagaytay to try Sonya's Garden. Apparently their salad is heavenly.

So off we went. And with a 1.5 hour drive, this meal better be good.

The Adventures of Spa Girl: #4 Danielli Spa

This is a long overdue post but I decided to still share this as my sidekick, Deep Tissue Massage Boy and I had a great time in this place. This happened back in February and I am sharing this now because I am a sharer by nature and I want this message out there in cyberspace: Danielli Spa offers a great Valentines Day special.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Checking all the Fuss about Banapple

Deep Tissue Massage Boy and I just finished the listening to Sunday mass and wanted to prolong date night by eating out (we could not bear to think that Sunday was done as that would mean that it's a work day again).

We wanted to get out of Eastwood City so we decided to head off to Katipunan since he also planned on getting the car washed there (he has a loyalty card in one of the car wash places in Xavierville. I am a huge fan of loyalty cards but that is for another discussion).

After much deliberation, we chose the infamous Banapple because he already went there with his friends and they all raved about the food. After that was decided, I tweeted that I was about to head there for dinner and immediately, my tweeps replied that I should get their banofee pie. That got me uber excited about dinner.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Service Massages: Good or Bad Idea?

Here's the thing about home service massages. Yes, they have their merits but, as with everything with life (say what?! drama queen alert), they also have their disadvantages. Shall we begin?

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Adventures of Spa Girl: #3 Wensha Spa

One of my friends, Foxy Mom, suggested we go to Wensha Spa in Panay Ave. Apparently, it's the go to place of her and her beau when they want to relax. I've been to Wensha Spa twice already. The first time I went there, we scheduled our Wensha Spa time as a way for us to cap the night off. We decided to go to Music 21 first to eat and sing late 90's pop songs before going to Wensha Spa. However, an hour into singing our third version of 2 become 1, we kept on asking Foxy Mom if it was finally time to go get our pamper on.

Thus, on our next girls night out, we decided to go directly to Wensha Spa to cut to the chase.

The Adventures of Spa Girl: #2 Ace Water Spa

Deep Tissue Massage Boy is a sucker for all things wet. (I just read what I typed, I considered deleting it but since it’s double meaning is maliciously funny I’m voting for it to stay.) He loves taking baths and is dreaming of owning a house where his bed is a small pool where he can lie down and sleep like a fish. Seriously. I have a merman as a boyfriend.

So when I heard about Ace Water Spa, I quickly went to one of the many online coupon websites (the one that rhymes with what we call tapioca pearls in Filipino) and bought 2 vouchers for me and DTM Boy.

The Adventures of Spa Girl: #1 Royal Siam Spa

After a long day at Divisoria looking for the cheapest set of cellophane wrappers (tip: found a cheap store selling wrappers and other school supplies at Roman street), Deep Tissue Massage Boy and I felt like we needed to reward our aching muscles and tired feet. We had a great time at Royal Siam Spa last month so after we rested for an hour (of course we had to rest before we took a shower for fear of the scary “pasma”) and after a large serving of Red Mango’s original frozen yogurt, we skedaddled straight to their spa.

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