Friday, April 21, 2017

Airbnb Finds: On Anniversaries, Breakfast Wines, and Pink Vests

I've never liked the beach.

Inside human
 Maybe because 2 days after coming from the beach there is still sand every freaking where.

Or maybe because I did not like swimming in fish pee.

Either way, when I was young, I was terrified of boat rides and would not even join my sisters for snorkeling. No amount of sibling pressure can make me don a life vest and get my hair wet with salt and water.

And then I married a merman.
Blub blub bubbala
Since I promised to love him through hell or high waters (literally), I thought of giving the beach another shot. Thus began the long story of how I fell in love with the sea that started around 5 years ago.

No, I am not going to Ted Mosby it and start from the beginning. This is the part where a home we found in Mabini, Batangas via Airbnb truly made me feel at peace with the water.

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