Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 11 of 522: Mendokoro Ramenba and My Pokemon Go-To Spot

This week was way shitt!er than DTM and I expected.

And yes, we might just be overly dramatic, after all death is not in the equation but we both needed a serious break in life. So we cancelled our adulting schedule. He slept in and I finally broke into level 20 in Pokemon Go.

Then we had an early dinner at the only place I thought befitting enough to take a shower and put some decent pants on for, in this weather.

Mendokoro Ramenba.
Because that baby deserves a close up. 
They serve the meanest bowl of ramen in Salcedo. Here's how to order.

Approach the nice lady at the cashier's and order your ramen of choice.

DTM and I got 2 ramen bowls and a plate of gyoza. The nice lady will then give you your number after paying.

If the place is not packed (rarely unless you go there after lunch or dinner time) or if you are eating alone, you will then be seated.

Everyone eats a communal ramen bar.

For us, we had to wait for approximately 10 minutes for 2 seats to get vacated before we could get seated.

The guy that came in after us got seated first because there was a slot opened for a lone diner.

Then the lady calls you and the feast of the taste buds begin!

Full disclosure: DTM and I were hungry AF when we got here so we were not able to take photos of our food even before we started digging in. So these are salvaged shots on what were otherwise lovely plates/bowls of goodness.

Mmmm gyoza...
Super chashu
Because that baby deserves a close up. AGAIN.

Every single thing we ordered was delicious.

The ramen broth was thick and coats your mouth with an explosion of umami and comfort. The pork in the super chashu was tender. The noodles balanced saltiness with some much needed carbs. And the gyoza? The right amount of sear on the outside.

Price point: pricey but worth it, servings are huge you can actually just get one bowl for 2 pax. See price list below.
Click on the photo for a clearer view.

Taste: your taste buds will thank you.
Needs improvement: my tummy for not being flexible enough to fit all that ramen in!
1. Ask about the secret menu. *wink*
2. If you are a messy eater and a notorious slurper of ramen, ask for a bib.
3. There is usually a lure party in Salcedo (near the Picasso residences area) around 6 to 7:30 pm for you Pokemon Go fans. That's right around the corner from Mendokoro.

Throwback... 1 week ago

4. That rich broth will linger even after drinking glass after glass of water. To cut the lingering umami with something sweet or tart, try La Creperie's mango peach Nutella crepe which is right beside the ramen bar or on the other side of the building, get an oatmeal raisin cookie from Toby's Estate.
What we loved: aside from the food, the service and the overall vibe of the place was on fleek.

Wait staff is attentive and friendly.
Chili oil and chili powder right at my fingertips!
Wall accent
How to get here:
Google maps link - Mendokoro Ramenba
Facebook page - Mendokoro Ramenba FB
Phone number - +6324789625
They are open from 11am to 11pm.
Will we ever go back?

Big flipping yes. (Didja see what I did there?!)

How about you, do YOU have a go to ramen place?


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