Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tales of a Clingy Wife: Week 8 of 522

Part of #Dream2026 is making sure DTM and I keep a healthy relationship by having a life outside of each other.

But that does not stop me from inappropriately proudly sharing to the whole world how much of a mess independent I was with DTM away.

So I was live FB-ing the entire time he and I were apart under the label #TalesOfAClingyWife. Here was my post, hour one into my weekend without the husband. I am sure this made my parents real proud of me.

1. On waking up
Does this also apply to you?

2. On preparing my own breakfast

3. On choosing other sources of nourishment

4. On finally realising that I am not the source of our chronic lateness as a couple

5. On my mom showing how much she trusted my ability to take care of myself

6. On how spamming affects friendships
Especially after realising that DTM is only away for 2 days.

7. On answering back
True to his competitive nature, DTM contributes to #TalesOfAClingyWife by sharing how I lovingly welcomed him back home.
Translated: You returned to me but I couldn't make use of you/order you around because you are sick. What a waste.

That's it for the first ever segment of #TalesOfAClingyWife!

Are you also a clingy wife/ girlfriend/ hubby/ boyfriend/ partner/ it's-complicated-we-don't-label? SHARE your clingy moments in the comments down below!


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les of a Clingy Wife: Week 8 of 522

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