Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Taking the Plunge for #Dream2026: Week 4 of 522

My husband and I will kill each other.

That was my biggest fear when we first started talking about starting our own business as an additional income stream to help us hit our #Dream2026 goal (if you don't know what that is, see here).

Imaginary third party reader asks: But why? You seem like the couple who agrees about everything and have a relatively steady, drama-free relationship.

First of all, couples who agree about everything do not exist or are reanimated meat-suits in a crazy episode of Supernatural. Second of all, we have drama. Not earth shattering, MMK-worthy drama but it's there at healthy increments.

The reason why I feared a Game of Thrones-esque scenario is because DTM and I are opposites in so many levels, we can rival Dharma and Greg.

Lady Lyanna Mormont. Random photo with no bearing to my story, just wanted to add her here because #feels and also see that dude on the right looking downright scared of her. 

Setting aside my fear of violence, DTM and I took the plunge after some considerable research, and invested some monies into becoming franchisees of O'Noodles, one of the food cart concepts of The Filipino Dream, also known as TFD. If you want to know more about it, click on this link.

So far, I am still alive. DTM is still alive. No killing, snipping at each other has occurred but full disclosure, we have yet to actually open the food cart. So stay tuned. ;-)

Imaginary third party reader asks: When are you opening your food cart?

Soon. Wait for the invite. And bring money so you can buy a bowl (or 5) of teriyaki noodles with dumplings.
What does it taste like? Think Hong Kong style noodles, without the risk of mucking it up because the sauce is pre-made. 
Do you have your own business? Any tips? If not, are you also planning on starting your own biz? Comment down below!


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