Monday, June 13, 2016

Fans, Naysayers, and Deadlines for #Dream2026: Week 2 of 522

To everyone who showed support to #Dream2026, you just earned additional 5 social life points.

Do the points have real world value? No, but if you need a friend to "heart" your Instagram photo or immediately report if you are tagged in a very unflattering candid shot in FB, just say the word and I can make it happen. 

Don't know what #Dream2026 is? Catch up by clicking on this link. No shame in being a late adapter. You are just fashionably late. My husband has also made me perpetually late so, again, no shame.

Trying to wake these two up always get responded with "Five more minutes" that turn to an hour.
But of course I had a few folks who were not a fan of it, saying that I will lose sight of this "dream" (yes, they used air bunnies, as if my 10-year goal was so unfathomable that it was not a valid dream) after 6 months, some tried to put me to my place saying I should be preparing for a family, while a bully of a friend pointed out that the average life expectancy of dogs makes my sweeping declaration of Aika being with me in 10 years is deeply unrealistic.

I will outlive you, non-believer!
To the negative Nellies, thank you. Proving you wrong or just annoying the bejeezus out of you with my weekly dose of #Dream2026 will be fun.

Speaking of fun, I need to put some deadlines on #Dream2026 milestones. 

For those who know what I do for a living (a.k.a. what I do from 7am to 4pm to put dog food in Aika's pink bowl) stop groaning. I do not enjoy putting my life on a schedule. I enjoy putting structure for other people but not keeping myself to a timeline. I suck at preparing in life for the same reason I rarely cook. Because all the prep work is tiresome.

I am a *gasp* closet procrastinator.

Hence I need a schedule to awaken the panic monster and push me to MOVE and take the plunge on things I need to just move forward with head first.

Charge towards #Dream2026!
  • Year 1: Start 3 new income streams
  • Year 2: Babies need to be babied (the new income streams, not actual human offsprings)
  • Year 3: Toddlers need to be fed
  • Year 4: Children need to roam free!
  • Year 5: Reach 50% target budget
  • Year 6: Commence learning all about #Dream2026
  • Year 7: Occular, continue learning
  • Year 8: Buy the property
  • Year 9: Learn, learn, learn, acclimate, learn, and learn
  • Year 10: Complete the property build. Start drinking mai-tais on the daily.
How about you? What do you do to fight crippling procrastination or maybe, even long-term bouts of laziness?

P.S. If the panic monster reference above did not make sense and you are also someone who puts things on the last minute, watch this video.


Kat P said...

This is a revelation !I can hardly believe you are a procrastinator Ms Christia! You're the most organized person I have ever known! Tell me about it.

Christia's World said...

Haha lovely Kat! Yes. I am actually Shikamaru.

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