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7 Ways To Enjoy Your Prenup (a.k.a How Not To Get All Cranky-Pants During Your Prenup)

I do not have an artistic side. When the wedding coordinator asked me what I wanted for our prenup all I said was I wanted it to be simple-- maybe we'll both wear white shirts and comfy jeans and just pelt each other with holi powder for color.

Yes, that was me trying to be creative.

It was actually DTM who had the idea to make it a surfing prenup vid. We both like to surf and it'll give us an excuse to head out to Baler for another weekend. Sounds like a plan right?

Most of the photo creds go to Bryan Laurente.

And boy was it a huge plan. I was NOT prepared with all the buying of stuff (because why else would I buy a wide-brimmed straw hat), the planning of story boards, the borrowing of odds and ends, and the requirement of having to know your best side to shoot (I don't have one, at best I had a tolerable side) that came along with planning a prenup. If it sounds like a lot of work, it's because it does involve a huge deal of man hours.

Interestingly though, we enjoyed this 2-day fanfare. Yes we had to do it for 2 days because Baler was so goshdarn far. Here's how.

7. Drama. Will. Happen.
As in every project, even if you plan everything, unforeseen events happen. But unlike with work-related projects, I did not come with a risk register for my prenup because I do not enjoy project management tools that much. 

So when it suddenly started to drizzle for our beach sesh, we did not run amok. We just laughed it off.

And when it started to rain a bit harder, we still laughed, although more nervously this time.

The rain eventually stopped though. 

Drama will happen, so might as well accept them and work around them instead of acting like a bit@h as if it's the end of the world.

6. Be a sport.
Is your photographer asking you to sit on top of a rock with edges so sharp you know it can grate cheese, but still act like you're having the time of your life? Do it. You wanted this whole prenup circus so suck it up and try to invoke your inner thespian.

I am not saying that you keep mum if the instructions will truly make you feel uncomfortable but if you end up saying no to everything your photo and vid team will tell you, then you might as well have stayed at home and took selfies in your pajamas. 

Leave your grumpy cat tendencies and go with the flow. That's why you hired professionals.

5. Prep. Rep. Pep.
Prepare. You can't possibly memorize everything you are supposed to bring for the prenup so to lessen the probability of ohcrapiforgotthathing moments, make a list of everything you are supposed to bring!

Review your plan with your beau. Because y'know, he will also be in the photos. It's also his wedding prenup, remember?

Psyche and pep talk each other. Because bullsh!t words of encouragement work.

I'd like to thank my company for all these summer goodies that I used for my prenup. 

4. EAT
Yeah so you cut down on carbs for the past few months in preparation for the prenup so it's time to reward yourself by eating your weight during the actual shoot (I exaggerate, of course). All that running and costume changes and "one more take for safety" will make your crabby if you don't stuff your face to your hearts content. 


3. Turn it to a game
DTM and I are both competitive by nature. 

Myself more than him as DTM likes cheating more than winning. 

So when we each had to do our solo shots, we played a bet on who will be able to complete theirs with the least number of takes. It made the whole day shorter AND I won.

My prize will remain undisclosed.

Mark's solo shot, a super funny and helpful member of the #CasiñoPartyof2 prenup team.

2. Own it!
We were models for the weekend, and we arrived at Baler during the peak of summer so we had a crowd forming around us, watching the whole shoot. My knee-jerk reaction was to pack-up and hide.

A voice inside my head was screaming, "Run!"

Literally a sea of people.

Good thing another voice (there are a couple of them actually, you should hear them go bananas when I am given the nail polish options at the salon) said that I had nothing to be ashamed of, I looked hella pretty thanks to my great make-up artist (more about her later), the DTM has my back, and I was within range of my goal weight thanks to subsisting mostly with Nesvita (and it's cheapo counterpart, Bear Brand Busog Lusog drink) for the past 2 months because of work.

So (yes, I like using this conjunction) I took a deep breath, and strutted in front of the camera like Carrie Bradshaw in that episode of Sex and the City where she walked the runway for Fashion Week. Minus the dramatic trip, face first.

1. Have a great team to back you up!
I was lucky enough that my #CasiñoPartyOf2 prenup team was all-around awesome.

Hair and Make-up: Dred Postigo
iSnap Creatives Team
Wedding Coordinators: Bryan Laurente and Cheryl de Chavez
Photographer: Mags Tamayo
Photog Assistant: Mark Baranda
Director: Lance Agustin
Aerial Pilot: Paulo Melaya
Videographer: Billy Mabini 
PA: Charlie

And here are some examples of why we had an awesome team behind us:
- Even though he has left the company, Bryan was present throughout the prenup, making sure we stick to our timelines and the storyboard.
- My evening gown assumed that I had a bigger bust than what God actually gave me so Cheryl did something with pins and made it fit like a glove.
- I did not bring enough candles so Bryan and Mark had to manually move lit ones so the shots won't look odd.
- Dred made me look pretty. And she was there all through out, making sure my face did not melt under the Baler sun. 'Nuff said. 
- Mags, Lance and the rest of the video and photo crew made us very comfortable through-out, saying BS like we were doing great, and that our shots looked like posters for a popular telenovela.

 felt that they truly had passion for their job and they understood that this meant a lot to us as a couple. 

So that is how we enjoyed our prenup sesh. If you are reading this blog as you are about to go through this pre-wedding ritual, good luck!

And feel free to share your story below in the comments section. :)


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