Friday, July 03, 2015

7 Ways To Enjoy Your Prenup (a.k.a How Not To Get All Cranky-Pants During Your Prenup)

I do not have an artistic side. When the wedding coordinator asked me what I wanted for our prenup all I said was I wanted it to be simple-- maybe we'll both wear white shirts and comfy jeans and just pelt each other with holi powder for color.

Yes, that was me trying to be creative.

It was actually DTM who had the idea to make it a surfing prenup vid. We both like to surf and it'll give us an excuse to head out to Baler for another weekend. Sounds like a plan right?

Most of the photo creds go to Bryan Laurente.

And boy was it a huge plan. I was NOT prepared with all the buying of stuff (because why else would I buy a wide-brimmed straw hat), the planning of story boards, the borrowing of odds and ends, and the requirement of having to know your best side to shoot (I don't have one, at best I had a tolerable side) that came along with planning a prenup. If it sounds like a lot of work, it's because it does involve a huge deal of man hours.

Interestingly though, we enjoyed this 2-day fanfare. Yes we had to do it for 2 days because Baler was so goshdarn far. Here's how.

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