Wednesday, May 20, 2015

7 Things I Learned Watching UFC Manila

When UFC Asia announced the UFC Manila fight last March (Or Feb -- I am sure someone will correct me here), I broke my no-new-expenses-rule and purchased 2 tickets for DTM and moi.

No, I did not but VIP tickets. As mothers usually say, "Hindi ako tumatae ng pera." ("I don't poop money.")
Sure, the tickets were a splurge, sure it would've been better for me to put that money into the #CasiñoPartyOf2 nuptials... but the heart wants, what the heart wants.

While I overall enjoyed the event itself, here are 7 things I learned from watching UFC Manila.

1. So that's how they film/record/shoot the whole thing.

Watching UFC fights on TV, I never really noticed the camera men. Case in point, see below.

But lo and behold! The nimble, men in black are hidden, standing up on the octagon posts!
One word: Ninjas.

2. Why isn't Joe Rogan talking?

When the pre-fights started, the silence was deafening. Well not really, you can hear the crowd cheer and fists hitting body parts, but it was, at least for me, because I was missing the UFC commentators.

So apparently yeah, that's how live fights are. The snaps of the hits though, those were scary to hear.

If only the spinning back fists that were thrown had a clean hit, that would've made me jump up and throw my dollar beer to the person seated in front of me. Speaking of alcohol...

3. Drunk-watching live sports is fun.

Except that I had to keep on standing up every after fight.
Mmmmm... light beer and alcopop. Reminds me of my college days where my alcohol blood level never dropped.
4. Arianny Celeste. 

I was only cheering for her because of peer pressure. -_-

Why you so far?! Why you no zoom good phone camera?
5. Mark Muñoz can make you hoarse.

The crowd went ballistic in the 3 rounds of the Muñoz fight. And I actually thought it was the co-main event. Ha! Should've read the fight card, I cried my lungs out during the Muñoz fight. Voice left for the Mousasi fight was only 15%.

What a great retirement fight.
6. UFC Filipino fans are a hoot!

Every time there was a lull in the fight, you'd hear comments from the crowd that made those within earshot laugh. Sample call-outs:

  • After the Muñoz fight and the Mousasi-Philippou fight was on the mat: IBALIK SI MUNYOS! (Bring Muñoz back!)
  • When the fighters were trying to submit each other: KISS! KISS! or ITAPON MO!
  • After the Steve the referee was announced: GO STEVE!
  • When the fight was not-so-action packed: NEXT FIGHT NA! 
  • During the main event, when Edgar and Faber were chasing each other around the ring and were sizing each other up: ARRINAY! ARRIANY I LAB YOU!

The MOA Arena was packed for UFC Fight Night Manila #UFCManila
7. I would definitely watch again. 

Even if I have to break another piggy bank. Even if DTM looked too happy for comfort in this photo. ;p

Did YOU watch the fight? What did you think?


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