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An Idiot's Guide: Surviving Wedding Fairs

I'm getting married!

Fine. We are getting married, DTM and I. But being the self-centered princess that I am (uh, hello, I named my blog Christia's World, so yeah, what did you expect?), I still say "I am getting married" whenever I tell people the news.

Re-staged proposal shot, because it was too dark in the theater where he proposed that the actual pics were pitch black.
Anyway, once I told my married friends about DTM popping the question, they all told me what I desperately needed to do first to prepare for the wedding. Let me try and list down what I remember:

  • Get a wedding planner.
  • You don't need a wedding planner, you are a project manager.
  • Go to all the wedding fairs!
  • Do NOT go to more than 1 wedding fair.
  • Set a date first!
  • Set a place first!
  • Choose a theme.
  • Choose a color, themes are tacky.
  • Book a church, they get booked 1 year ahead.
  • Book the reception venue.
  • Find the perfect dress.
  • The dress should go with your theme.
  • Go to Bridal Book.
  • Go to Weddings @ Work.
So with their very helpful and not at all confusing suggestions, I decided to start off my wedding planning by attending a wedding fair.
Some of my confusing friends, part of the proposal-night surprise. Confusing or not, I still love them.

Now why did I decide to start with a wedding fair? Well, since I knew nothing about weddings (aside from the fact that you always bring flats to wear after the ceremony so you can eat without your feet cursing you during the reception), I thought I'll learn about all the vendors I would need through wedding fairs.

Attending wedding fairs can be very overwhelming, especially if you hate crowds or if you are uncomfortable with strangers trying to stuff your face with flyers. But DTM and I survived them and I wanted to share my experience to other bride-to-be's who are also about to embark on this epic (and OMG so expensive) journey of planning a wedding.

Full disclosure: DTM and I only attended 2 wedding fairs so I am by no means a wedding fair expert. I just like to talk. 

1. Be an early bird. Tweet-tweet.

Register online so you can get in the fair for free. If you plan to just drop by, you are usually asked to cough up Php 500 for your entrance. Money you can use to pay all the freakin' down payments you will have to pay for all the vendors you need to make your night "magical."

2. Bring ammo for yourself. Bang, bang, b!tches!

You will be asked to write your name gazillion times, you will be asked what you want for your wedding ceremony hairstyle, and you will be given so much brochures that your purse will look like a filing cabinet.

To prepare for these scenarios, you will need to bring a pen, your tablet or smart phone to show your "pegs" (which is some fancy-schmancy term they all use to mean a picture of the hairstyle you want for your wedding, or the make-up you want, or the dress cut you like, etc.), and a separate bag for all the flyers.

Made good use of the many eco-bags that I keep on buying because I keep on forgetting to bring the d@mn bags whenever we do go grocery shopping.
OC-queen tip, the bag I brought had a compartment so I can put all the vendors I liked in one compartment and the flyers for the vendors that I am not quire sure of in another slot in the bag.

3. Keep the groom-to-be happy. Tee-hee.

So, you know your man hates these kind of things but you still want him to be there for some reason (maybe you don't want him to feel left out, maybe you want his opinion on some of the vendors, or maybe you just need someone to hold your purse, whatever).

What I did was I took him to the grocery before the fair, asked him to pick all the chocolates he wanted, so he can eat and play Clash of Clans while I was learned about the different types of wedding coordinator services.

If you don't know what Clash of Clans is, good for you.
I am not saying you go buy your beau milk chocolates if he is lactose intolerant but I hope you get my drift -- just keep him happy and preoccupied so you do not have to leave the fair because he is all huffy and bored like a toddler during mass.

3. Skip the heels. Clickity-clack.

Wear flats. Unless you are one of those ladies who are apparently comfortable wearing high heels while working through the maze that is the wedding fair.

4. Scope out and plan your route. *Looks, scopes, places hand facing palm down on eyebrow.*

There are usually maps given at the entrance of the fair. If not, you can just do a quick pause at the entrance (no, do not block the entrance of course, you inconsiderate fool), and see the lay of the land. Or in this case, the lay of the fair.

Then think of which vendors you still lack (or if its your first time, which vendors do you want to learn most about), then go to that area first just in case you need to leave early.

5. Take a break. Whew!

You DO NOT have to go through the whole fair (especially if its the size of a whole PICC tent) in one go! Take a breather, go grab lunch in between vendor checks. Keep yourself sane and go through the place at a pace which will not overwhelm you.

DTM taking a breather from all the wedding fair fun
6. Do not get pressured. Pfffft! (That is the sound of air being released from a tire.)

"It's 50% off, but only during wedding fairs."
"Sayang naman if you don't book now, you will save Php 5,000 if you book now."
"Our regular price is 3x higher than the fair price!"

OK, so maybe I am exaggerating the last sentence there. But my dear, do NOT get pressured if you do not feel 100% that you want to book the vendor. If your "heartsong" is not singing when you see the trial make-up that the artist did to you but OMG you are tempted to book her because she is uber famous and she has an amazing rate that is good for today's fair.

Not feeling 100% is not a good sign. It's like seeing a dress half-off that you kinda want to buy only because it's half-off but it makes your butt look funny. Bad idea. Just get the flyer, then move on.

And lastly...


Yeah, there are so much people in the fair that you think of shouting "FIRE!" just so they'd disperse, and yeah, you've been bumped so many times without so much as a sorry from the bumper to you, the bumpee, but hey, what did you expect?! It's a fair! Crowds tend to appear in fairs.

So don't be a brat, get your smile on, and enjoy!

Us? We met Toothless so we had a pretty good run.

That's it from me!

How about YOU? Are YOU about to attend a wedding fair? Or, how do YOU find wedding fairs?


Unknown said...

LOVED this post! So funny!! Weddings sound stressful, but I guess it's all worth it when you end up with Prince Charming, right?

How long have you and your fiance been together?

Christia's World said...

Thanks Paige! A decade, would you believe?!

Unknown said...

Holy cow!! A decade? That's amazing. I'd love to hear more of your story! Feel free to email me at :)

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stevenjared0853 said...

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