Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quickie Post: Getting Rid of these !@#$% Milia

Ever since I was a little princess in Pampanga enjoying Animaniacs and 5 and Up, I've had these small bumps on my face called milia. They are not life threatening or anything, just a major cosmetic annoyance and the bane of my teenage life back then.

No, not WAY back then you monster.

I've tried getting them removed by a famous dermatological clinic through cautery (ouch). Then after a few months, my milia came back as if I did not go through living hell of burning my face at age 11 just to get them removed.

When that failed, I tried various face products but alas! They were just too resilient for any topical cream to have any effect on them.

So I gave up and chucked it all in my winning the genetic lottery for having a face that would not stop getting milia.

Then Skintrends came.
Look at her! Milia-free

When Ate Marge said she can remove my milia while she was going through my usual facial, I was hesitant because I knew the healing process will take as long as for them to go back again on my face. But she said some fancy words that convinced me.

Long story short, and true enough albeit PAINFULLY, she made them disappear! And after 3 days, the scars healed and I was left with a milia-free face!

Look at DTM boy about to enjoy his soothing facial. While I endure getting pricked multiple times due to these @#$%^ milia (or milias for plural?)!
Full disclosure: I still need to go to this place every 3-4 months or so to remove a stray milia (or dozen) though. But I ask for Ate Marge because she does it so well! :)

If you want to visit them, try the Eastwood branch at the 2nd floor of the Cyber & Fashion Mall, near the office entrance. Call 09228847271 for reservations.

Need more details? Check out their FB page.

Do YOU have a milia "infestation" as well? What do YOU do?


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