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The Adventures of Spa Girl #17: Nurturing Time at Nurture Spa

I know, I know, my title is a bit of a spoiler because obviously my bottom line is that DTM and I enjoyed this refreshing spa place in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay Nurture Spa

This post is coming a tad late, well, a LOT late. 2-years late to be specific, which is making me think I should be publishing this post on a Thursday, making it a #throwbackthursday type of post. Luckily, there is also a Friday version of this, which is #flashbackfriday. And I was just told there is a Saturday version of it as well. Not sure what that hashtag will be. I could probably Google it but... nah.

I digress.

On to the review!
The Breakdown

Full disclosure: The details I am about to give are based on the package DTM boy and I got, which was called the "Romantiko Package." 

Such a pa-simple way of getting yourself a tip. Good job, Perry.

Wet area @ Tagaytay Nurture Spa: 
There are accommodations inside the Nurture Spa Village, which according to their website is now called Nurture Wellness Village. Hence, you have your very own wet area. We got a forest view room and their bath was nice, with complimentary toiletries if you forgot to bring your own.

If you open the curtains, they look out to the forest view of greens and flowers. So nice. So exposed.
That huge bottle is insect repellent. So obviously, at night, without that, the mosquitoes will feast on you. Mmm. Human.
Ambiance @ Tagaytay Nurture Spa:
Di-vine. The place was awesome. Think wallpaper-level type of scenery. But why am I telling you when I can actually show you. Get ready for a looooot of pictures. Trigger happy, I was.

This was the mini-cabana right outside our deluxe room. You can actually request to get a foot spa or back massage right on your own cabana.

They also have a pool. This is the view when we had our brunch.

DTM boy, Buddha version
Other deluxe forest view rooms
Prices @ Tagaytay Nurture Spa:
The package we availed set us back for Php12,500, for 2 pax. It may seem steep but it is inclusive of the following:
  • Overnight stay in a deluxe forest view room
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Romantic candlelit dinner with a wine and a personal butler
  • One hour couples massage 
  • Thirty minutes facial or foot massage
For a full price list, see here.

Location of Tagaytay Nurture Spa:
It is a bit of a drive away from the center of Tagaytay to the point you will think that you are on your way to a horror movie setting like that of the old barrios with cannibals in the old Shake, Rattle and Roll movies.

Or you can check out their location map on their site here.

Store hours of Tagaytay Nurture Spa:
Well, they don't really close because they have accommodations there but it was so awesome that they allowed us to check in late because we had to come from a bachelor and bachelorette party.

Contact them @ Tagayta Nurture Spa:

They have a very informative site here. Don't you just love it that you can research a place thoroughly through their website? *Reader: Hellz, yeah!*
Hear that, other places who do not have a working website?

I am going to use bullet points now because I am a list kind of girl. So aside from the gorgeous place, here are other things we liked about the place.
  • Food, food, foooood! Since the package we brought had all meals included, plus a candlelit dinner, we had a chance to try their sumptuous offerings. And boy did they deliver. But more on that later. 

Kare-kare. Doesn't look it? Because this is not your average kare-kare. It's 2.0 kare-kare.
  • The rooms were spacious! And they were in their own separate "huts" which ensured utter privacy. 
What's that on the bed you say?
Why it's a welcome cookie!!!

  • The service was also great. They staff was really polite, and none of the artificial, I-will-smile-at-you-because-I-was-told-to kind of faces. You see the genuine care on their faces. And when it rained when it was time for our candlelit dinner, they made us use the upstairs restaurant, just DTM boy and I so we can still have that privacy we were promised. 
Eeek, romantic, cheesy, dinner.

"Cheers, for the freakin' weekend" - Rihanna

 DTM boy and I had a visual and food feast in Tagaytay Nurture Spa. So, as DTM boy puts it, here are the reasons why we are fat.
Quaint cafe where they served our lunch.
We woke up late because we got there around 2 am. Hence, we start with lunch!
DTM boy loved his osso buco. After eating it here, he got the recipe online and made his own version.
Dinner veggies
Spring rolls with egg on top. Why with egg on top? Because they can.
Gravy fries. Mmmm.

Massacred beef caldereta. Because DTM boy could not wait for me to take a pic of his dish before eating it.


Well... maybe not bad, but see below.

After getting my "exceeding expectations" for all other aspects, this is where I would give them a rating of "met expectations" only. The massage wasn't bad. By all means, it was an OK massage, they will even give you an instruction card where you will circle the body part that you want them to focus on before the actual body massage session.

And for some reason, I could not find a photo of the couples massage room where they kneaded our aching muscles so here, my artistic powers will help your imagination:
Yep, I am still very artistic, same level when I was 4 y/o.

Definitely worth going back to if DTM boy and I get to find more free weekends. And maybe this time, we will actually go there early so we can make the most of our weekend at the spa.

Insider tips:
Go for the packages. I mean, if you add food, the massage, the facial and accommodations individually for 2 pax, that will make you shell out 15 grand easy. The packages are a steal.

Have YOU been to Tagaytay Nurture Spa? Share your experience!
If not, what other resort or destination spas have YOU tried?


Unknown said...

Hello! Did the package really include those lotsa hefty delicious food?? And can you choose which ones to be served?

If that's so then this is definitely a steal.

Great post btw!


Christia's World said...

Hi Gino! The package already includes food items :) And yes they hava a menu you can choose from.

Thanks. Back at ya! Here's to hoping you have a blog where you also have posts so that my "back at ya" comment will make sense.

Jones Morris said...

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