Thursday, December 12, 2013

24 hours after: On Stolen Phones, Police Car Chases and Globe's Customer "Service"

This year, the universe said that it will give me an early Christmas gift and it handed over a Metro Manila life experience that I was spared from, until now. Being pick-pocketed.
OK, maybe this is being too dramatic about it

The universe, being all crazy and crap, even upped the ante and said, you should find this as a learning experience. Well universe, challenge accepted! Here are the 7 things I've learned 24 hours since that horrid event. (Plus a whole bunch of memes because I've been dying to incorporate these in my blog being a closet 9gagger.)

1. I am stupid. 

I've told my sisters, time and again, to keep their belongings safe when they are in Metro Manila. This meant backpack hanging in front of your chest, all zippers tightly shut and being very aware of your surroundings. So, using a classic Christia move of being too stupid to heed my own advise, I placed my phone in my backpack and I had my headphones connected to it so I can listen to my tunes. In hindsight, doing this not-so-clever-move may have opened the zipper up a bit, giving a sneak peek to the "kawatans" that I had something they can steal easily.

2. Immediately accepting reality. Something I canNOT write in my resume.

After the snatcher took my phone, of course the music I was listening to was cut off. So I stopped walking and checked my bag where I know I placed my phone. Then I checked my bag's other pockets because I was sooooo wishing it just magically jumped in another part of the bag instead of already looking around to see who amongst the slew of people walking with me from Shangri-la to Megamall took my phone. Which leads me to my next item...

3. Snatchers no longer run away from the scene. They just calmly take your stuff from your bag/pocket and will just walk away. 

When it dawned on me that my phone was lost, I started having cold sweats and I finally had the mental alertness to check my surroundings to see who took my phone. No one looked suspicious and no one was running away. According to my friend, Running Man, that's how they operate now.

I see what you did there Mr. Bad Guy (MBG), taking a page from movies where cool guys escape the bad guys by blending in and keeping calm.

4. Police jurisdiction have boundaries 

Together with DTM, we reported the incident to the nearest police station. When DTM opened his phone tracker, it seems like MBG did not shut my phone down so his location was showing. We showed this to the policemen and initially, they said they will endorse us to the next city because that is where MBG's location was. I must have looked like I was about to go bat-$hit crazy because one kind policeman was helpful enough to say, "Screw policy, we need to act fast, let's chase this guy now because time is of the essence. We can just explain to the guys when we get there."

The phone was turned off eventually but it was one action-packed night, I tell you, riding in the police car with the policemen talking about strategies on how to catch MBG.

The crime drama series fan girl in me was enjoying every moment but reality Christia was suppressing her.

5. DTM loves me.

  • hugged me tight when I told him about it
  • did not launch in a bunch on I-told-you-so's
  • skipped work to keep me company all through out the night
  • gave me a massage to lull me to sleep

6. Bacon helps.

Just a few hours into the work day, my team and I went to Pancake House because they said we deserved a good breakfast after my story of crime and no punishment. And my boss ordered a plateful of bacon for us. Nicely done sir, nicely done.

7. Globe needs to work on their Customer Care Hotline

I've never called the Globe hotline and had a positive experience after. Every time I call the line up, I end up getting frustrated to the point that I can feel my BP shooting up.

Case in point: When I called last night to report my stolen phone,  I asked about my "gadget care" insurance that I know I had because the sales person that I spoke to in the Globe store that released my phone to me told me I had said coverage for free for a year. The agent answered that I have to dial another number as it is outsourced to an insurance provider. Fair enough that's their script so I asked for the number. I asked her to see if I am covered in the insurance in their records and she said yes.

Today, I called the insurance provider and they said I am not in their records, and that Globe did not forward anything to them. The insurance provider was kind enough to say they will reach out to Globe but I said I will also check on my own.

So I called Globe up and after going through their very "fun" phone prompts, I spoke to a gentleman that said I am not covered with their gadget care!

Wow. Confusing.
So I said that is not acceptable and I that I was told by other Globe employees the exact opposite. Then he said he will get this escalated and someone will just call me back.

I said again that is not helping me as escalating is not resolving an issue that I think can be resolved now. I asked him what can he do. He said escalate.

I asked for a supervisor.

He said a line about the supervisor not being able to help and will essentially say the same thing and that they have no supervisors currently available.

I said I will still wait. So he placed me on hold and in came their current choice of hold music, a specialized Globe Christmas jingled. I simmered and listened for about a good few minutes about having a wonderful Christmas time. Right.

When the agent came back on the line, he said he still has no supervisor available but he double checked and saw that I was in fact, under gadget care and it just needed to be activated for me to avail the insurance.

WOW again.

I said go ahead and process that. Which I hope he did. Then he gave my reference number for the transaction and apologized.

Another Globe hotline experience making me a vocal detractor for the next foreseeable future. And this is just about my gadget replacement. I am not even talking about my simple SIM card reactivation hullabaloo in the Globe store earlier today.

OK, shaking off my angry caller self... counting back from 10, 9, 8...

That's it, pancit! Universe, thy challenge is now completed. Now give me my 500 experience points so I can level up. #gamergirltalk

Thank you interwebs for allowing me to rant about this. All the work to recover from this is far from over but the bottom line is, it's just a phone and I am very lucky that it was not taken forcibly from me. Now back to devoting my energies to something meaningful and productive.

Have YOU experienced getting mugged/snatched/hoodwinked by Globe/stuff stolen from you?


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your phone. I think if you have the box the NTC can deactivate the phone to make sure the thief doesn't get to use it or sell it

Christia's World said...

Thanks Charles, long time no hearing from you! Hope life is treating you well. They can do that?! How do I go about doing that? Well... *searches good ol' Google*

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I have used an Iphone for the last four years, but i dont really liked cuz there aren't a lot of useful applications that I prefare to use. For example this tracking app But anyway thanks for this article, it was very interesting to read.

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