Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Adventures of Spa Girl #16: Nigi Nigi Massage Center

One of the freebies in the Boracay package we got from TravelOnline was a 30-minute massage in Nigi Nigi Massage Center. So you bet your @ss that this was one of the major points that made me decide to go for TravelOnline as our choice travel agency.
Thank you TravelOnline! Don't you just love that they highlighted the word "each" in the voucher?

Oh yeah, best to check these other posts before moving to the next paragraph.

Wet area: None. Well, the Boracay beach for crying out loud!

What to wear: You will be asked to remove your top

Ambiance: The smell of the beach, sand and surf give the best ambiance. No need to have anything makeshift as this is the real deal, beachfront massage. But of course, since this is an open place where your massage will take place, you will hear the chit chat of folks passing by the store.
No holes for the head though, which is bad for the neck, I tell ya.

Price range: Lucky enough to have this part of our Boracay package! For their actual price range, visit this site.

Anything for the mouth: None.

Location: Station 1 for Nigi Nigi Too and Station 2 for Nigi Nigi Massage Center.
Contact them: Email :
Reservations : +63-36-288-3101
Fax : +63-36-288-3112
Skype : niginigiboracay
YM :

Website: Nigi Nigi website

The Good:
Aside from the fact that it was a freebie massage, what I really loved about this place is their beachfront location. The laps of the sea on the Boracay beach was enough to almost lull me to sleep

The Massage:

The  Not-so-Good:
Dear Nigi Nigi Nu Noo,
My mum and sister said that your pillows had a funky smell. I myself did not experience this because I’ve had a cold for the past 27 years of my life so I will take their word for it. Please take care of that. Ktnxbye.
Spa Girl

The Verdict:
Getting your massage on beachfront is something one needs to try at least once. And this place is not a bad choice to spend a few minutes away from the Boracay beach.

Insider tips:
Call ahead or set an appointment before going to this place. We were lucky enough that the place was empty and we were attended to immediately but there were a lot of folks that followed who wanted to get massaged but had to be turned away as they were working on my family. So set an appointment my dear readers.
Post-massage look for mameh, ready to conquer the beach!
 Have YOU tried this massage place? If not, have YOU tried any beachfront massage?

For my last Boracay blog post, head on over here. It will be the last one, I promise.


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