Monday, October 28, 2013

Boracay Package: To and Fro

*For this post to make sense, please read the intro to the Boracay trip. But feel free to read thru this post without any context if that makes you happy. This blog believes in democracy. 

Although my significant other calls me his great navigator, I attribute most of my navigation skills to Waze and GoogleMaps. Thus, it was to my great relief that the package from TravelOnline came with all that we needed to get from Metro Manila to Boracay and back!
Yep, I've been bitten by the meme bug so expect more of these to come.

How we got to Boracay from Metro Manila:
  • Booked a flight. Luckily, the Boracay package that we bought already has this included. If your Boracay package does not have this, an option for penny-pinchers is to watch out for piso fares from various airlines like AirPhil or Cebu Pacific. This will really save you some serious cash. But you will be booking flights 3-5 months ahead so not for the instant-gratification type of people. 
    • Flight to Kalibo - This is a pain if your flight is to this airport. You know why? The land transfer from the Kalibo airport to the Caticlan Jetty Port is 2 friggin' hours. This was the flight we had with our package (that was why I asked for a very early flight so it will not eat up on our beach time). Looking back, it was not my best decision to stick with this one because I had to endure my own brain mimicking Donkey from Shrek every 15 minutes and asking "are we there yet?!"
Brain: (In Donkey's voice) Are we there yet? Me: (see Shrek's face)
    •   Flight to Caticlan - If your Boracay package offers this flight, GET THIS ONE! DO NOT HESITATE. SERIOUSLY.
  • From Kalibo, as seen in bullet point 1 above, you will then endure a land transfer of 2 hours! Bring an audio book. As part of our Boracay package, we got free land transfers courtesy of Island Star Express. As soon as we arrived at the Kalibo aiport, they were there waiting for us near the baggage claim.
  • After the 2 hour drive, we got to the Caticlan Jetty Port. It was a relatively quick boat ride, approximately 15 minutes but my youngest sister got seasick pretty quickly.
  • From there, we were led to another vehicle that drove us to the hotel for another 15 minutes.
How to get from Boracay to Metro Manila
  • See the bullet points above? Baliktarin mo lang. #lazyblogger
  • Seiorusly though, I kid you not, if you have a Kalibo flight, the travel back is about the same, just inverse the steps above.
Before I end this part, I'd just like to say that the land and sea transfers with the TravelOnline sub-vendor were well-handled. Our initial ZestAir flight going back home got cancelled the day before we were supposed to leave and my agent advised me that the land transfer folks were already aware and would pick us up accordingly based on the changed schedule.

No fuss, no muss, good job Island Star Express :)

I am not being paid by any of the companies mentioned in my blog post. No kidding.

Finally, touch down at La Carmela Resort! What to know what happened next? You know you want to... Click here.
Beach right in front of La Carmela. Station 2. These are my lovely sisters. One of them is high with Bonamine here. Can you spot which sister? Place your guess in the comments below.


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