Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boracay Package: La Carmela de Boracay Resort

And so we arrive at La Carmela. 
Not the best picture of the resort but this is all that I could find that did not have my ugly mug.
As we were getting ourselves checked in, we were served with complimentary drinks that my Bonamine-high sister gulped like it was the last glass of water and she’s in the Sahara desert.

Oh right, for your to get this blog post, you might want to drop by here and here.

Checking in was painless, all I had to do was give our hotel voucher and we were given our keys.
For those wondering, no TravelOnline is not paying for my blog posts.

I reserved 2 double-bed rooms for us and we were delivered just that. I loved that since they know we reserved as a family, both rooms were interconnected by a door.

After a quick debate on which sister will sleep with the parentals (of course, they chose to sleep with the youngest one), I scanned the contents of our room.

The room is a really basic-leave-your-stuff-here-and-go-out-explore-the-place type of room. All the necessities were there, sheets, pillows, towels, security locker, TV, AC, etc. Nothing much to say really.
My sister in our shared room, plopping down as soon as we arrived. She will kill me for this less-than-flattering angle.
Amenities and more:
Restaurant, kiddie pool,  adult pool, conference rooms and the resort itself is beach front. There are plastic lounge chairs under a cabana-like section provided by the resort where you can leave your lazy parents as you bake and swim under the Boracay sun.
Look at that gorgeous mum of ours!
We got the room with the Boracay package we brought from TravelOnline. You can check out their prices at La Carmela de Boracay here.

Ho-hum is all I can say. They were helpful enough except for this one dude that assisted by dad with the security locker who had a bit of an attitude when my dad hesitated to give a lock code.

What I Lovedlovedloved:
The resort is in station 2 that is why it is so near everything! Business seems to be booming for La Carmela as the place is twice its size now versus when I last stayed there with DTM boy last 2009.

Needs improvement:
Dear La Carmela,
1.       Please clean the room thoroughly before letting guests in. Even before we could lie down, the bed had some sand on it. Not a lot but still…
2.       Where are the little shampoos and lotion bottles that I usually take home but not use?
3.       Why’d you go stick us on the farthest end of the resort? Where’s the love?
4.       That’s it, pancit!
Xoxo, Spa girl
Mmmm pancit. This has nothing to do with the blog post, it's just that I've ranted on and on and I need a picture to make the post less... wordy.

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!:

Insider tips:
·         La Carmela does not accept credit card details as their deposit which sucks @ss. You will be required to deposit 2K per room, which was something we were not prepared for. Good thing there was an ATM nearby so we were able to replenish our wallets thereafter, but still, it would’ve been great if we were informed.
·         Check in is at 2pm and check out is at 11am.
·         If you get your Boracay package from TravelOnline, the land transfers are included. So the Island Express peeps will pick you up at the reception area. You just have to coordinate with your travel agent at what time.

If you are simply looking for a place to dump your stuff, a resort near everything and a resort where you can rest after a long day of Boracay fun, then La Carmela is not a bad choice. Personally, the next time that I visit, I will try other resorts though, just for the heck of it. TravelOnline has other resort options in their site.  

La Carmela details:
Sourced from their website

Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan

Telephone: + / + / +
Fax: + / +
Mobile Phone Number: +63.918.937.6573 / +63.917.638.8013 / +63.9088910881 / +63.939.918.3853 / +63.922.816.6941

Information: Makati Booking Office
Cellphone: +63.9228166942 / +63.9399183859 /
TeleFax: +63.2.8979184 / +63.2.8958048 / +63.2.8958049
Where did YOU stay when you visited Boracay? Or for those still planning to go there, what Boracay resorts are YOU checking?

Next up, Boracay food. Prepare to get hungry, here.


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