Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boracay Package: Getting Wet and Wet

Why does this say getting wet and wet? Because half of the time we spent in Boracay, it was raining! But that did not stop us from having some wet fun under the sun!

What did we do?

1.       Watched poi dancers
These ladies and gents that danced poi were intense! One lady with a long hair almost got her hair singed when the wind blew. It was exciting to watch the glow of the fire against the backdrop of the setting Boracay sun.

That lady in the left side almost got into a very bad YouTube video entitled "This girl is on fire (literally)"

2.       Swimming
I am water-averse. So this was done by my sisters. My mum and I just stayed by the lounge chairs, swapping stories. They had fun with the warm, blue water.
Too bad it was overcast, the waters woul've been bluer
3.       Island hopping
This was the most enjoyable for me as I got to experience the beach without actually getting wet. Teehee. So many things to see on the boat and the water was soooo clear, you could see way, way down! And there were a lot of trees on the islands we passed by that had bats sleeping on them. Both creepy and cool at the same time.

Obviously I really liked this part of the trip with all the pictures uploaded for this.
4.       Fly fish
This was one exhilarating ride! How do you do this?
The manong will let you ride this inflatable bed-like thing tied to a speedboat that will speed up to a level that will take the inflatable "raft" that you are riding up in the air!
Pics by this point are all looking very misty as our camera was ensconced in a waterproof bag
As sisters, we were all so competitive that no one wanted to let go,even when the manong said it will be more fun if we get shot out of the ride and into the blue waters of Boracay. Nope. We stuck to the ride because no one wanted to “lose.”
Eventually one of my sisters did end up flying off to the waters which was so hilarious when it happened because she was crying out like a little lost sheep, saying “Ate Kris, Ate Kris, menakbag ku.” [translated: Sister Kris, Sister Kris, I fell. (Translation seems off... What is the English term for Ate?]
And all 3 of us still on the ride, instead of helping her out, were laughing at her. That is true sisterhood, ladies and gents.
We eventually helped her out of the waters though. Lest my dad scold us for being too mean.
5.       Snorkeling
Even if I did not snorkeled with my sisters, I could see the fishies while on the boat. That was how clear the water was.
See. So clear.
Look at those fishies!!!
6.       Watching the beach
Nothing is as relaxing as watching the water lapping through the sands while thinking about world domination.
7.       Drinking
And thanks to these portable, on the go cocktails from OneBar, we were able to drink while walking from station 2 to 1.
Mojito for moi and long island iced tea for dad
8.       Shopping
We are 5 girls in my family, of course shopping was done in days 2 and 3 of our stay. Boracay offers so many shopping options, from the folks selling their fares as you walk along the stretch of the beach, to the D’Mall.
Insider tips:
·         You need to bring some cash when you do island-hopping, you will stop by the Puka beach where you can buy some cool finds
·         Buy one of those water pouches. They are cheap, around Php 80 only. This will allow you to post in Twitter, FB and Instagram in the middle of the godknowswhere. AWE-SOME
·         The most helpful website for all my Boracay needs was My Boracay Guide. Some Boracay tourism folks were handing out hard copies of these guides on the place itself when we were boarding the boat to Boracay. They even have an app!

That concludes my Boracay package series of posts! Did you have fun? I know I did! I have so many more travel posts to share, but I will have to find time to pen them in my blog... I promise, they are coming soon!

What did YOU do when you were in Boracay? Or for those still planning to go to Boracay, what are YOU excited to do when you get there?


tiocsy said...

hi i would like to ask if the island hopping is icluded in the payment in travelonline because where planning to go bora and avail there package. hope to hear from you :) i like your blog its funny hahaha. can you give me some tips on how we enjoy our bora my bf and i. thanks :)

Christia's World said...

Hey Jovelyn,

Glad you liked the blog. Sometimes I just need to write stuff down lest my brain matter leak thru my nose.


Moving on.

No unfortunately we had to pay for the boat trip separately but you can avail of the 10% discount they had with a partner tour. We no longer availed that because this kuya approached us and gave us a better deal at 1800 for a family of 6.

Christia's World said...

And I pressed the publish button too soon. Ugh, fried post-work brain. Anyway, best to enjoy the night life. :) bring a couple of friends because you guys can do a pub crawl, jumping from one bar to another.

If you are the outdoorsy, active type, you can do the fly fish, banana boat, parasailing, jetskiing, atv schtuff that the manong tour-people will definitely suggest once you ask about their island hopping trip.

Enjoy your getaway and feel free to share your story here.

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