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Boracay Package: Food, Glorious Food!

You may want to drop by this post first before reading this one. Although if you feel like context does not matter for you, read on my friend, read on.

Ahhhh food. We have a love-hate relationship. And when we were in Boracay, it was definitely a madly in love, newly wed, post-honeymoon level of relationship. But why not right?! How would you expect me to enjoy my vacation if my sisters were binging on the seafood fare while I was on my CalorieCounter app, plugging in everything I was putting in my mouth. Not fun. So I binged to my heart's content.
Look at those fishies, staring at you with their lifeless (but not red) eyes. You need to show respect for the life they gave by NOT dieting in their dead face.
 Here are some of the freebie food that we had included in our TravelOnline Boracay package:

1.       Inihaw
Our very first dinner in Boracay, courtesy of Villa de Oro, the resort right beside La Carmela. Lovely view, nicely decorated place, it was a great way to kick-off our night in Boracay.
At Villa de Oro, with my dad and his usual San Mig Light. He used to drink Pale Pilsen, but he switched to light because, according to him, he is watching his weight. Riiiight.
 2.       Brekkies
In our 3 days, 2 night stay, our brekkies were all free with La Carmela. It was a set breakfast, not the buffet version. The taste? Meh.

3.       Banana split
Minion voice: Bananaaaaa... potato raaaahhhh....
One of my sisters love bananas. She loves them so much, her classmates actually gave her a big bunch of bananas for her birthday and a stuffed banana doll. I kid you not, I did not make that up. And yeah, she ate those bananas by the bulk, like the way you eat chips.
So when we went to Nigi Nigi Nu Noo to grab our free bananas splits, we eventually gave her our banana halves.
Just look at that face, all happy with the banana halves overflowing on her plate.
4.       Pizza
Warm, crunchy and cheesielicious pizza from Red Coconut. We eventually had our last lunch at Boracay in this resto.
Margherita and pepperoni! Of course in my mind, as I typed pepperoni, my brain used an Italian accent. Crazy, stereotyping brain.

But of course we did not just subsist with the freebies, here are the other food items that kept us fueled up

1.       Lunch at M&E Ihaw-ihaw Restaurant
We had lunch here in the middle of our island hopping fun during our second day in Boracay. Our timing was actually purrrfect because right after we jumped from our small boat and plopped our butts in this small shack where we had our lunch, the heavens poured like crazy! It made eating our freshly caught lapu-lapu a whole lot yummier.
M&E before the rain

And it poured the minute we sat in the restaurant! Talk about timing.
 2. Merienda at Nigi Nigi Nu Noo
 We ordered huge burgers with our banana splits. They were so huge I could not finish even half of it.

The fries were also good :)
3. Buffet dinner at *holy cr@p on a cracker I forgot the name of the place where we ate*
Our second night in Boracay was rainy. It was raining so hard that we had to buy those plastic raincoats in D’Mall. They are literally plastic bag with holes and we had to shell out 150 for each one. Anyway, since we were marooned in the area where we were when the rain poured, we had to grab our dinner in the nearest buffet. Not bad for only Php 450 per person.

Crabs need not any fancy caption
Hey mister, is that your 3rd time back at the buffet?!
Soup, anyone?
 What I loved about this buffet is their steamed crab section. I had 5 whole crabs. Yes, if one of my sisters is banana-crazy, I am crab crazeh! See my sister’s avatar for me as one of the Dumb-ways-to-die characters.
"Eating too many crabs in one sitting...."

All in all, we ate like we were about to get slaughtered for a deity when we were in Boracay.

What did YOU eat when you were in Boracay? Or for those still planning to go to Boracay, what food are YOU excited to eat?

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