Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boracay Package: Getting Wet and Wet

Why does this say getting wet and wet? Because half of the time we spent in Boracay, it was raining! But that did not stop us from having some wet fun under the sun!

What did we do?

1.       Watched poi dancers
These ladies and gents that danced poi were intense! One lady with a long hair almost got her hair singed when the wind blew. It was exciting to watch the glow of the fire against the backdrop of the setting Boracay sun.

That lady in the left side almost got into a very bad YouTube video entitled "This girl is on fire (literally)"

The Adventures of Spa Girl #16: Nigi Nigi Massage Center

One of the freebies in the Boracay package we got from TravelOnline was a 30-minute massage in Nigi Nigi Massage Center. So you bet your @ss that this was one of the major points that made me decide to go for TravelOnline as our choice travel agency.
Thank you TravelOnline! Don't you just love that they highlighted the word "each" in the voucher?

Boracay Package: Food, Glorious Food!

You may want to drop by this post first before reading this one. Although if you feel like context does not matter for you, read on my friend, read on.

Ahhhh food. We have a love-hate relationship. And when we were in Boracay, it was definitely a madly in love, newly wed, post-honeymoon level of relationship. But why not right?! How would you expect me to enjoy my vacation if my sisters were binging on the seafood fare while I was on my CalorieCounter app, plugging in everything I was putting in my mouth. Not fun. So I binged to my heart's content.
Look at those fishies, staring at you with their lifeless (but not red) eyes. You need to show respect for the life they gave by NOT dieting in their dead face.

Boracay Package: La Carmela de Boracay Resort

And so we arrive at La Carmela. 
Not the best picture of the resort but this is all that I could find that did not have my ugly mug.
As we were getting ourselves checked in, we were served with complimentary drinks that my Bonamine-high sister gulped like it was the last glass of water and she’s in the Sahara desert.

Oh right, for your to get this blog post, you might want to drop by here and here.

Checking in was painless, all I had to do was give our hotel voucher and we were given our keys.
For those wondering, no TravelOnline is not paying for my blog posts.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Boracay Package: To and Fro

*For this post to make sense, please read the intro to the Boracay trip. But feel free to read thru this post without any context if that makes you happy. This blog believes in democracy. 

Although my significant other calls me his great navigator, I attribute most of my navigation skills to Waze and GoogleMaps. Thus, it was to my great relief that the package from TravelOnline came with all that we needed to get from Metro Manila to Boracay and back!
Yep, I've been bitten by the meme bug so expect more of these to come.

Boracay Package: Family Outing Year 2013

I've been a very, very bad blogger. Albeit my intense desire to write about sooooo many great finds, my schedule is just beyond booked (and when I do find some semblance of free time, my body goes to auto-catatonic mode, moving only to do bodily functions).

But enough of my usual "I am back" spiel and on to the meat of why I am blogging again.... I want to write about my 2013 family vacation in Boracay. I briefly mentioned it here, but all in all, it was a very short trip and we've had all sorts of drama going in. In the hopes of NOT boring you with one ginormous long blog post, I am going to cut the trip into streams, because this is my project management brain telling me to compartmentalize to make the work manageable.
So let's start this epic journey with me finding the perfect Boracay package.

Boracay package a-hunting I go!

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