Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Adventures of Spa Girl #15: The Spa

Of course I had to do a review on the well-advertised, high-end day spa, The Spa. With their chutzpah of calling their spa as such, as if it is "the" spa place to be, I had high expectations.

I tried the Eastwood branch as it was within walking distance of my beloved pooch's grooming place. So while my baby was prettifying (I was waiting for spell check to underline this word to signify its non-existence and lo & behold I learn that it is a real word), I had some time to “groom” myself as well!
Warning: Post-cut there are a loooot of pictures because I got a bit trigger happy. Sue me, the place was just sooooo nice that I had to take pictures. It was like my finger was compelled to keep on snapping.

Wet area @ The Spa: I got a premiere suite, so I had my very own steam room. Actually, it was a shower-cum-steam room, with the shower part at the back portion and a small stool that you just pull so you can relax while you steam it up.

What to wear @ The Spa: They give you this nice white terry robe that makes you feel oh-so-relaxed once you wear it after your steam.

Ambiance @ The Spa: This is where The Spa Eastwood hits it 100%. As soon as you enter, the reception area’s look, feel and smell already invites you to relax. I felt that this place will actually make my stress go a-bye-bye.
Price Range @ The Spa: I availed of a 1-hour Shiatsu massage and it set me back for Php 1,600. For a full menu of their services, see here.
Anything for the mouth @ The Spa: Ginger tea and cold water.
Location of The Spa: The Eastwood branch is located inside the Richmonde Hotel, 2nd floor, near the Basement Salon (which ironically, although called the Basement Salon, is also on the 2nd floor *wink*)

Store Hours: Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 10pm / Friday to Saturday 12pm to 11pm
Last Call : Sunday to Thursday 8:30pm / Friday to Saturday 9:30pm

Contact The Spa:
Website -
Phone Number - For their Eastwood Branch call 709-6868 / 709-7878 / 0915-4223836

The Spa Eastwood gets the whole of 5 stars from me for the premiere suite. It was so serene and the attendants were so polite that I felt like it was illegal to be unruly. As if I talked over the allowed decibel, someone will suddenly show up, slap me hard for 5 times on each cheek that I will literally see stars.
Another good thing is that after the massage, you get some time to yourself to nap and remind yourself that you are about to leave this haven and you will have to re-join the rest of the world.
So obviously they've won me over with the entire ambiance deal. Check out how many pictures I took.

See next section

This is where I got a tad disappointed. The massage itself was, well, unremarkable. It wasn't awful but it was not also worth Php 1,600. Although the pressure was good, the massage done just did not hit the right spots...

Triple somersault love the place but they can do more when it comes to the massage.
This is the exact opposite of my review for Happy Family Spa.

Insider tips: Do not forget to rest-up after your massage.
Will YOU go back if you had the same experience?


michymichymoo said...

For Php 1600, I'd rather go to Nuat Thai 3x. Akala ko pa naman super bongga ang massage nila.

Unknown said...

Nice! I see you like reviewing different stuff, from food to places. Hmm, why not try making blog posts on issues that are relevant to us? For instance, local issues. I bet you'd be a able to give a good analysis on matters that matter to the general public.

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Christia's World said...

Hear, hear... Which Nuat Thai branches have you tried?

Christia's World said...

Not my cup of tea.

Unknown said...

Doing a bit of research about this spa, isang tumbling lang to from my workplace, is there anywhere else near eastwood that you can suggest na okay yung massage. . . Thaanks

Christia's World said...

Hi Bryan,

1. If you want a spa in Eastwood that has a wet area, The Spa is a good place.
2. If you are looking for massage only, they have Big Apple Express Spa and they do a pretty OK job, just let them know what you want.
3. If you are willing to go to Libis area, Royal Siam does a mean dry massage! Check out my post here:

Unknown said...

Massages can be one of the most relaxing, romantic and intimate experiences if done by a loving partner.

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