Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Adventures of Spa Girl #14: Happy Family Back and Foot Spa

And I am alive! It's been a long time since I last did a blog post and I've missed this outlet. So what have I been doing that caused me to have a year-long break from my beloved past time?


Life came.

*enter dramatic music*

That aside dear readers, I am here to provide yet another detailed account on my favorite thing to write about, getting massages.

The latest one I've experienced is this quaint little massage place I've heard in various massage forums. Happy Family Back and Foot Spa.

Wet area @ Happy Family: None, but I did see in their menu of sevices that they offer body scrubs and when I went to the washroom, they had a small shower area.
What to wear @ Happy Family: They will provide you with pair of robe and shorts. The robe has seen better days and the shorts must've been washed for the nth time with the color all faded.
Ambiance @ Happy Family: They have a modest reception area and I had to take a picture of this funny little thing. A snowman bowl with Snowbear candies! Yes, yes I know I get easily amused.

Inside is a totally different story. The place looked so... I guess the best word for it is sad. The massage area needs some update, it looked like a waiting area for motels back in the 90's. There was even one patch of the ceiling that was "fixed" with masking tape.
Price range @ Happy Family: We had a 1.5 hour ultimate back massage that was recommended for us back-massage-enthusiasts for Php550. For the rest of their prices, see pic below.

Anything for the mouth @ Happy Family: They served a rather strong pot of ginger tea. It was so nice after getting all your stress-related knots pounded to mush. DTM himself got orange juice.

I'd love to get their recipe for salabat, it was a whole lot better than other post-massage beverages offered out there.
Location of Happy Family: Ground floor Meridien Bldg, Annapolis St, Greenhills, San Juan.

Store hours: 11am to 2am

Contact them @ Happy Family: (02)7253517

Website: Happy Family Spa

The Good @ Happy Family Spa:
They seem to know their stuff in terms of back massages, what with being in the massage business for almost 7 years. I could actually hear DTM moaning on the bed beside mine. When I asked if he was embarrassed  with the moaning he was doing. All he said was that he saw it as positive reinforcement for his masseuse.
Also, no additional cost for a couples room so props for that.

The Not-So-Good @ Happy Family Spa:
See my comments under "ambiance."
Also, my therapist went out twice to do I'mnotsurewhat for the first time and a chair for the second time. Would've been better if she did that before starting my massage.

The Massage:
My therapist did know the right places to hit and was sure to ask me if the pressure was right. There was this one point in the massage where she pulled my arm with one hand, pressed my back with the other which made me feel sooooo lovely that I fell asleep for a few minutes.

The Verdict:
Great massage but they badly need to re-vamp the massage area.

Insider Tips:
Ask for their ginger tea for your post-massage beverage :)
Have YOU tried Happy Family? 


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