Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spa Recommendations?!

Spa Girl is running out of places to visit!

If YOU have spa or massage suggestions, please, prettypleasewithcherryontop put 'em below in the comments section :) And I will make sure to include your name/ blog in the post.

Spa Girl


michymichymoo said...

Try Visma Massage or Nisce at the 5th Level, SM Megamall. :)

Rochelle O. said...

Ace water spa :)

Anonymous said...

Regent spa at ace water spa bldg in kapitolyo

Christia's World said...

@rochelle - I've tried Ace, it was worth it but was looking for someone to massage me still. When I tried it, they did not have Regent spa then.

@anonymouse - How was it?

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