Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Adventures of Spa Girl #13: Royal Siam Revisit

I think it is time for me to do a revisit. And yes, I probably was coaxed to try this place again because they had a wonderfully priced massage package but I will get to that later. That and proximity to where I live.

So, which massage place did I choose to do a revisit?

Danielli Spa!

But that place will be covered in my next post. :p Today, let's talk about Royal Siam Spa. If you want to visit my initial review of the place, go here.
Royal Siam Spa in Libis

Wet area @ Royal Siam Spa: None. But, the attendants will wash your feet before the massage and give you spa issued slippers but that is about it.

What to wear @ Royal Siam Spa: Strip down to your undies mah lovelies! No robe/ shorts combo here.

Ambiance @ Royal Siam Spa: The decor is Asian inspired. Smells lovely without being too overpowering and they play nature sounds in the massage area. Lights are also at a minimum, creating that overall, this-is-a-massage place vibe.

Price range @ Royal Siam Spa: Now here is the fun part. They have this on going promo:

Royal Siam Spa promo
Non-promo price, Anything for the mouth, Location, Store hours and Contact details remain the same as seen here.
The Good @ Royal Siam Spa:
The therapist was very understanding when she did my foot spa as I kept on jerking it away from her. My feet are very ticklish, what can I do?! I did try to keep myself occupied by tweeting and "instagraming"

The Not-So-Good @ Royal Siam Spa:
Unlike our first massage, we were not led to massage beds but rather regular beds on the floor. This caused me to have that awful neck pain after the massage. Tsk, tsk.
Also, they did not have enough therapists to do a foot spa at the same time so DTM was demoted to foot massage.

Royal Siam foot spa itemularizations ;p
The Massage: I liked the foot spa, after my feet felt super smooth and young to look at :p
The massage, eh. Nothing special. If last time it was too hard, this time, it was not memorable. It wasn't bad though. It's just that nothing stood out.

The Verdict:
One revisit is enough for me. Sorry Royal Siam Spa, the bad experience outweighed the positive ones!

Insider Tips:

EDIT June 16, 2013:
Aaaaaannnnddd we've been revisiting this place every other month because of their Back and Shoulder massage which is  at Php 299 per hour.
So much for keeping my verdict. *sheepish, pa-cute grin*

Bad thing though is that recently, the street in front of Royal Siam is being fixed so their parking is limited to one slot.


michymichymoo said...

Now I wonder where I could get a decent foot spa after work. :)


Christia's World said...

Wensha :)

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