Friday, June 08, 2012

Mang Larry's Isawan @ UP Diliman (it rhymes!)

June is here which means classes are back on. Yeyhappyfuntimes for those who really love school work and sadboohootimes for students who wanted to have a May 32 just to stop the calendar from stepping into that inevitable June 4, Monday.

And now that classes are back on, my taste buds were screaming for some college date food experience. Our ultimate tipid college date is our trip to UP Diliman to sample Mang Larry's Isawan.
The infamous Mang Larry and his friendly reminder
Price list:

What we like:
  • You gotta love his isaw baboy (pig's intestines). It's sweet marinade perfectly jives with the spicy vinegar where you dunk the isaw in.
  • The parking is cheap for 0 pesos per hour.
  • Mang Larry is also uber friendly and helpful.
  • There are tons of other street food vendors there so you can have a smorgasbord of kanto food! From fish balls for appetizers to dirty ice cream for dessert.
Fish ball and kikiam vendor beside Mang Larry's Isawan
Dirty ice cream with 4 cone choices

  • Seating areas also now available :)
Needs improvement:
I gotta be honest though and say that the isaw manok was better at the competitor stall beside Mang Larry's. But for isaw baboy and others, still Mang Larry's!
Deep Tissue Massage Boy enjoying his cup of chicken intestines swimming in a cup half filled with vinegar and spices
Insider tips:
To order, approach Mang Larry (see pic below). Wait for a few minutes by eating dirty ice cream and fishballs. Then, the griller boys will call your name when your order is ready. Get a cup at the left side of the food stall and fill it with your choice of either the sweet sauce, the spicy vinegar or a concoction of the two. I like 50-50 of each to balance the flavors out.

 Still a great and cheap hang out spot at the heart of UP Diliman. Don't forget to bring an umbrella if you are going there anytime soon. Rainy season comes with school season! :p

How to contact them and how to get there?
In fairness, Mang Larry's Isawan is in Google Maps.

Also, he is in Facebook. And he answers questions and does status updates. Naks.
Mang Larry's Isawan at UP Diliman


Jhaney said...

In fairness, they're all affordable. I love isaw baboy, too. This is good to pair with a bottle of beer. =)

michymichymoo said...

Went there a few weeks ago but won't be able to post it since it was really dark.

Christia's World said...

@michy- don't you just love going back to your Old college hangouts?

@jhaney- ah beer.

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