Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quickie Post: Perfect Hair Bun on the Run!

Another quickie post for you mah lovelies. My schedule is keeping me away from writing my ever so fantabulous blog posts but I can't just not write because this blog keeps me sane.

Christia's World Warning: Content is filled with girly kikay schtuff so if you are not into that, I suggest you chug a mug full of testosterone charged beer first before reading :)

So what do I want to quickly share with you all? This great find I just brought from one of the tiangge shops in Eastwood, Libis. It is a perfect Hair Bun Maker!
Perfect Hair Bun Maker

It may not look much but it is a definite item to have this summer months, this is one of my very best friends now. I wear it in the office, for those days that I have absolutely zero time to fix my hair, and I also use it when I am outside, walking my baby dog while baking in that mean April sun.

See my hurriedly made bun here:
Thank you, perfect hair bun maker thingie!

How to use this?

What is YOUR beauty must-buy this summer to get you through the balmy, humid days?


Jo Arce said...

Aside from Eastwood, do you know where to get this? I've been searching the metro pero wala ako makitaaaa! Haha

Christia's World said...

aww I only saw it in Eastwood eh :) They are usually there during paydays (mid month and end of the month.

They also have various bun maker variations but this one was the easiest one to use.

Shopwise libis also has a bun maker but its suuuuuper mahal. This one I bought for 100 php only

Jo Arce said...

I envy you! Will head to Libis this payday definitely. Thanks! :)

Christia's World said...

no worries :) hope you find it, the kiosk is in the middle, and the ate's are really helpful in teaching you how to use the product. :)

michymichymoo said...

I have to get this! :)


Sumi Go said...

I so need this! I usually have my hair in a messy bun, but it's quite tiring to use 2 hairties. Hope I get to see this when I visit Eastwood next time.


Christia's World said...

@sumi - it's the stall near the middle. :)

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