Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dampa Sa Libis: Getting to Meet Your Dinner

Whenever I get a mean case of crab craziness cravings, there is only one Quezon City restaurant that is sulit enough for me to gorge on crabs without leaving my wallet empty.

And that is Dampa sa Libis.
Say hi to the Dampa sa Libis mascot

For those who are not familiar with the concept of Dampa, it's a place where you can buy your produce fresh from a wet market, have your choice of cooking style with the food you just met (yes, the food choices are very much alive when you buy them from the wet market) and the place also offers an area where you can eat them.

Very friendly neighborhood palengke meets carinderia style eating, with an option to eat in an air conditioned area.

How to eat in Dampa sa Libis:

  • Go to the wet market area and have a "meet and greet" with the food that you'd like to eat. This is where the food will be weighed. You can haggle and request dagdag if they do not want to bring the price down.
Dampa sa Libis palengke. The crabs are all huddled on the far back of the first stall on the left.
  • The person who attended to you on the wet market will then lead you to the cashier's area where you will pay for the food and the paluto, which is the service charge for cooking the food of choice.
Cashier area of Dampa sa Libis
  • Here, you will be asked to choose which color you want, this will denote the kitchen that will cook your food. Always go for the green. That is Aling Cely's! They make a mean batch of chili crabs that can make you forgo any hell brought about by any allergic reaction you may have from crustaceans.
Only the finest kitchen in Dampa sa Libis!
Price list:
We ordered a kilo of crabs (bakla crabs, which according to the palengke person, they are meaty and ma-aligue), half a kilo of shrimp and a kilo of liempo. The crabs were cooked chili crabs-style, we went for buttered garlic for the shrimp and the liempo was barbecued. All this was for Php1,400 only!
Dampa sa Libis: liempo
Dampa sa Libis: butter-garlic shrimp
Dampa sa Libis: chili crabs. Apologies for the shaky shot, I was rushing to take a shot so I can dig in like a mad man.
Note: We only order take out in Dampa, I rarely eat "on site" because I look like a savage caveman when I eat crabs that Deep Tissue Massage boy keeps me away from public viewing. 

What we like:
The price for the food = well worth it! Especially the crabs. Ugh, my mouth is watering just remembering how the sweet-chili sauce compliments well with the aligue taste and the crab meat. *pauses to wipe drool off face*

Needs improvement:
Dear Dampa sa Libis,
Why don't you make the take out containers complimentary?
Spa Girl

Insider Tips:
You can eat outside if you are the smoker-type or you can choose to eat indoors where there is air-conditioning but you'll end up smelling like seafood fare after.
Dampa sa Libis dining area. Not so fancy but the food is exquisite
Dampa sa Libis dining area, with air conditioning.
A must for all seafood fanatics. If you are allergic to seafood, just take a dose of Benadryl AH. :p

How to contact them and how to get there?
Dampa sa Libis
Dampa sa Libis
(From their website)
Address: 107 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis, Q.C.
Tel. No.: 637-3301 or 395-5050


michymichymoo said...

I'm not much into seafood, I'm glad I saw pork! :)

Christia's World said...

try seafood! masarap :)

Anonymous said...

no baked tahong or oysters?!?!?! blasphemy - nano

Christia's World said...

hahahaha oo nga baked tahong masarap sa kanila.
di kumakain ng oysters si DTM.

manlibre ka naman. :p

Gellie Abogado said...

have a meet and greet with the food you'd like to eat. hehe. awesome place to eat ;)

Christia's World said...

yes, and you don't have to worry if you want to use your hands to eat properly, just the way crab was intended to be eaten because their wash area has super strong detergent as its hand soap :)

Jhaney said...

I love their chilli crabs. =)

joei ♥ said...

I don't get to eat in dampa often but I love how fresh everything is! No lansa, no nothing! Maybe I have to schedule a dampa dinner again soon :)


Sumi Go said...

I've eaten in dampa both in Baclaran and Macapagal. I have checked Libis before but they didn't have salmon so that was super disappointing for me. By any chance, do you know if they already have salmon in their wet market? Thanks!

Christia's World said...

Jhaney. Yes!

Joei. Try libis!

Sumi. Nope dont know if they have that... Maybe you can call them up? Sorry!

Bee said...

The crab photos just made my mouth water. I am now thinking of cooking crabs tomorrow! Hehe.

By the way, I have an award waiting for you here:

Christia's World said...

awww thanks for the award! this will be my second one! much love!

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