Thursday, March 29, 2012

Liebster Blog Award and 7 Things about Christia

Many thanks for Chay for this award! Literally translated, liebster means favorite in German (as my good old friend Google Translate just told me.) So I am pleased to be given this award by a fellow blogger.

In receiving this award, I was told to make a blog post about 7-10 things about myself (you know that I will list down 7 things) and I should also spread the love and give a list of 7 bloggers (with less than 200 GC followers) to check out.

Let's start with 7 things about Christia!

7. I like street food. I like street food so much that I plan to make a living out of tasting street food from different countries soon.
What's so dirty about dirty ice cream?! Is it naughty?
6. I'd rather that I take charge than someone else does. I only allow others to take charge of me when I know they will do well. That or I also allow that when I am just plain lazy.

5. I still do not know how to ride a bike.
One of these days, I will also learn how to ride a bike like my friend here does. See her boast her bike riding powers in my face!
4. I miss being on the night shift. #forevernightowl
3. I have zero maternal instincts and negative EQ.
2. I cannot place "Has ample upper body strength." in my resume because I'd be lying.

1.  I have been in a loving relationship with DTM for 7 years. We've had our you-and-me-against the world moments but we are still going on, keeping on... #cheesy

Now on to spreading the love! I also present my very own Liebster Blog Awards to these 7 bloggers:
Carmi's Caprice
Gastronomy by Joy


Sumi Go said...

This is so amusing to read. Hope you'd share random stuffs about you from time to time.. :D I'm like you on #5, 6 and 7.. XD

Bechay said...

Thank you for the blog award sis! It's my second! Yeheey!

I love dirty ice cream too! My bother in law makes a yummy one!

Unknown said...

sis thank you for tagging me on your liebster blog awards! I love it. Ima share that on my blog!!! weeeh. oh by the way, im expert in riding a bicycle :D tee hee; and jus tlike you, i ♥ street foods.

Christia's World said...

Sumi - would've included you on my list but you have over 200 GC followers :)
Bechay - hahah miss popular!
Kat - welcome!

Michi said...

thank you for the award. =)

michymichymoo said...

I don't know how to ride a bike too.haha. :)

Unknown said...

Awww, thanks for the award sis.
A big warm hug from me!

#1 is really cool! Make a living out of tasting street food from different countries soon.
Sama mo ko! hihi :)

Christia's World said...

michi and carmi - most welcome! your turn!

michy - hahaha glad that I am not alone

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Gee! This is my swcond Liebster award! I'm already honored and so happy! Thanks a bunch! Love your post about you, btw!

Christia's World said...

thanks me too i loved it. LOL

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