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Le Ching or "Letseng" Tea House? Greenhills Restaurant review

Sorry for the lame-a$s title, it was right there, I couldn't help myself. :p

Le Ching is one of the default Chinese restaurants we go to whenever we are in Greenhills. It's like if we can't decide where to eat, then we go to Le Ching.

This very unassuming Greenhills restaurant serves filling Chinese dishes. Although the wait staff there look like harried rabbits especially during lunch and dinner hours, they are able to deliver when it comes to taste.
Greenhills restaurant fave #1
Price list:
Topped Rice meals - around Php 128
Congee  - Php 118 - 125
Stewed Noodle Soup - Php 128 - 132
Noodle Soup - Php 125 - 128
Soup - Php 125 - 128
Dimsum - Php 75 -92
Siopao - Php 70 -78
Relatively cheap compared to other Greenhills restaurants.

What we like:
The look and feel of this Greenhills restaurant may not be fancy but I still like it, with their wooden benches and sometimes rickety tables. They give a certain character to the place that I love.
Greenhills restaurant
And the food. :) We ordered the following meals, please see pictures below. And we all enjoyed eating everything.
Ahh hakao (Shrimp dumplings). This is my ultimate favorite dumpling as it is essentially shrimp wrapped in wanton with 2% bit of other fillings. Please note that if you end up eating with me in a Chinese restaurant and you see me order a serving of hakao, set your expectations that I do not share my hakao. And if I offer you some, I am just being polite. Please decline because I want it all for me. #honesty
Another must-eat in Le Ching Greenhills restaurant

Stewed Spareribs with Noodles
And of course you know me I got to have my fix of chicken feet!
Beef Brisket Noodle Soup, wasn't all that for me. I give it a meh.
Needs improvement IMHO:
Dear Le Ching,
Please add more support staff to help during lunch, merienda and dinner hours.
Spa Girl
Insider Tips:
If you are unsure what to buy, get their spareribs and a serving of hakao. Their chicken feet is also OK but I like Causeway's and Luk Yuen's better.

Try this Greenhills restaurant if you are craving for Chinese! Definitely NOT a letse *winks*

How to contact them and how to get there?
From their FB site:
Timog Ave,between Panay ave & Quezon Ave
UP Technohub Commonwealth, Quezon City, Philippines
8-10 Level A Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills, San Juan
66-67 Level A Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills, San Juan
888 Banawe St., cor., Del Monte Ave, Qc
Trinoma Food Choices, M2 Level, QC

(+63 2) 721-3179 OR (+63 2) 726-3677
Map to the Greenhills restaurant locations and more!

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

wanna try the noodles & siopao!!

Sumi Go said...

I haven't tried Le Ching yet though I'm not sure if my parents have brought some takeouts from this Chinese resto before.. >.< But anyway, I'll definitely try this when in Greenhills and undecided where to eat ;)

PS: I have the same sentiments re: hakao sharing :D

Vayie said...

i lurve their Beef Brisket Rice :) and Hakao too :P and yep, I do not SHARE as well. HAHAHAHA

michymichymoo said...

Haven't tried Le Ching but I'd defintely go when I visit Greenhills. :) Followed you. :)

Christia's World said...

@pinkcookies - get their noodles and chicken feet:)
@sumi- ahhh a hakao-sister too i see :)
@vayie - haha we selfishers
@michy - thanks mich!

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