Monday, March 12, 2012

The Adventures of Spa Girl#10: I Was Eaten Alive! @ Spa'a

Yes dear readers, I was eaten alive! But don't worry, since I am still making this blog post, you know that I am still a-OK. But how the heck was I eaten alive? Well, the fish that ate me only focused on my dead skin cells, that's how.

Let me give you a bit more context after this cut.
Deep Tissue massage boy and I went to Eastwood to get a massage at Big Apple Express Spa (post coming soon on this) because we overslept and didn't have enough time to go to Lasema.

When we got there, they said we had to wait for a few minutes so we decided to check out the newest addition to Eastwood's vendors offering pampering and relaxation - Spa'a, a foot spa place specializing on fish spa.
Spa'a (high five for the word play)
Breakdown of Spa'a:
Wet area: They have fish tanks filled literally with small Garra Rufa fishes where you dip your feet in. The idea is, the fish will suck your dead skin cells away (fish spa), leaving your feet exfoliated.
Fish Spa tank

What to wear: Your clothes of course!

Ambiance: To be honest the place doesn't give that spa relaxation vibe as most of the customers were all so entertained and boisterous with the fishes nibbling at their feet. But the place is clean and lighted just right.

Prices: 15 minutes with the fishies will set you back quite a bit at Php 250, add Php 50 if you want a personal fish spa tank. Would've been more reasonable at Php 150 for me.
Fish spa prices

Mouth: You also have the option to cook the fish that ate you giving you a sort of self-cannibalism experience as well. *straight face*
JUST KIDDING! No food or beverages will be served during or after your fish spa treatment.

How to get there: Spa'a is in Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. All the posters of Spa'a in Eastwood will not tell you where it is located. It is actually right behind Big Oli, just beside Big Apple Express Spa, ground floor, Eastwood City walk.

View Larger Map

The Good: Spa'a
Everyone in the place was so accommodating and patient with my questions, from the attendants to the owners (I think they were there full force because it was just their second day). And your feet feel sooo darnfrickin' soft after. It might be from the soak or it might be with the Garra Rufa. I am not sure but the whole fish spa experience was very exciting for me. :)

This was my second fish spa experience (first one was in Manila Ocean Park) but I liked this one better because I had my own tank.
Private tank being cleaned at Spa'a
No these are not leeches @ Spa'a.
Private tank @ Spa'a
Shared Tank at Spa'a
And just because one of the attendants (or was it the manager) liked us, we got 5 extra minutes to get our dead skin cells eaten!

The Massage: Spa'a
N/A for me. Although you have the option to get a massage after, DTM and I no longer availed it because we were scheduled for a full body massage right after anyway.

The Not-so-Good: Spa'a
Dear Spa'a,
Maybe update your posters to guide clients to where you are located. :) Also, the prices are a bit hefty...
xoxo, Spa Girl

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!

The Verdict: Spa'a
It was an overall nice experience, especially the folks that were there were so friendly. You may not get the usual foot spa here but if you are going to have your very first fish spa adventure, this place is a better option than Manila Ocean Park's. It is cleaner and they use true-blue Garra Rufa fish instead of tilapia.

Fish Spa tank at Spa'a
Manila Ocean Park's fish spa
Insider Tip: Spa'a
Make sure if you go here that you prep by wearing flip flops already. Although you will be given a pair to use during the whole fish spa process, it just makes things a whole lot easier.

Also, at first, expect to get a wee bit ticklish with the fish nibbling at your feet. After a minute or two though you get used to them having you as a protein source. And if you are wondering, no, it does not hurt. :)
DTM's hairy feet!


michymichymoo said...

The name's direct to the point ha. sPAA.hehe. :)

Christia's World said...

Haha yup, you gotta love the Pinoy's ingenuity when it comes to coming up with their company's name!

word play!

Sumi Go said...

Haha.. Love the name too! :D I've never heard of Spa'a yet, but I'll make sure to try this soon. My sis and I are dying to experience fish spa. We're hesitant with Manila Ocean Park's though 'cause it's shared.. >.<

Christia's World said...

This one you can have your own tub full of hungry fish that will feast on your feet.

Prepare to get tickled. LOL

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