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The Adventures of Spa Girl # 12: Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and Sauna

*No need for a fancy title because Lasema already has a hard-to-type complete establishment name. 

So finally, Deep Tissue Massage boy and I tried this Korean bath house. I've been meaning to go here for the longest time but time was not my friend so I had to keep on postponing this spa trip.

Lasema front desk
So, was the 10+ hour stay in this Korean bath house worth it?

The Breakdown

Wet area @ Lasema: The wet area has 2 hot tubs and 1 cold tub. They also have a steam room with jade stones inside.
Lasema has open shower stalls where you can scrub yourself down before you soak in the hot tubs.If you want to slough off dead skin cells in private, they have 4 enclosed shower stalls.

What do you wear during the massage @ Lasema: In the locker rooms and wet area, you will be nekkid. You won't even have the chance to cover yourself up because the free towels are about 1/4 the size of regular towels. So this is not for the shy types who can't even stand looking at themselves naked in the shower.
Lasema girl lockers
Lasema girl prep area
In the sauna area (clay sauna, ice room, etc), you'd be given a shirt and a pair of shorts to wear because it is a common area. For the massage, you'll use your robe and boxers also provided at the front desk. No slippers here, everyone walks around barefooted.
Full attire set for your Lasema experience provided at the front desk.
What DTM and I did was we used the Lasema wet area, then the saunas, had a quick shower, then massage, ate "lamen," and finally slept like babies. When we woke up, we used the wet area again before leaving feeling fresh and ready to conquer the Sunday morning.

But I am getting ahead of the story.

Ambiance @ Lasema: It was very peaceful when we got there at 2 in the morning. I can't say its the same during peak hours though because the attendants said that all the lights are on and the TV's are also on.

Price range @ Lasema: Pricey if you take the full package of 1 hour massage, free use of wet area and Jjim Jil Bang. They charge Php940 on weekends and Php840 on weekdays. You can already stay for 12 hours in Lasema at this price.
If you want just the massage and sauna, then that will set you back Php600.
Jjim Jil Bang and sauna costs Php500 on weekends and Php400 on weekdays.
Sauna use is for only Php250.

Anything for the mouth @ Lasema: They have a snack bar in the common area. We ordered lamen (noodles), green tea and kimbob (Korean sushi). They also have a huge array of instant Korean noodles.
Need to pay extra if you buy food at the snack bar. For the food we ordered, we paid an extra Php350 or so.
Ramen choices at Lasema
If you are not willing to shell extra for the food, you will be given hot green tea after your massage.

Location of Lasema:
Lasema Plaza #7232 Malugay Street, Bgy Bel-Air 1209 Makati City.
To get here from Kalayaan, we entered through Gil Puyat Avenue, went straight, then right after the Mapua building, which will lead you to Malugay Street. The plaza is on the right.
It is in the same plaza as Makati Golf Club.

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Store hours: 24 x 7

Contact them @ Lasema: Their number is +63 02 830 2222

Website: Lasema Multiply site

The Good
I loved the smell of their shampoo. Although it dried my hair so bad it had the texture of a walis tambo, I didn't mind.

I liked the fact that they have basic toiletries available.
Lasema's FRESH combs and USED combs. :p
What Lasema Jjim Jil Bang really offers that no other spa place I've tried are their various sauna rooms. They had 3 hot saunas, 1 cold one and a number of sleeping caves where you can rest.
Of the hot sauna rooms, the 70 degree Celsius one was too hot for me to stay in. I only lasted for 2 minutes there (Chungno). They also have Oak and Clay and Salt Charcoal sauna rooms that had more tolerable temps.
Oak and Clay and Salt Charcoal sauna rooms at Lasema
If this sauna room had a Facebook account, its status update will be "I'm too hot to handle."
What DTM really enjoyed was the ice room, where it was super cold :)
On the left is the smoking room, on the right is the ice room. No, the smoking area is not another type of sauna, it's just a room for smokers.
According to the Lasema flyer, the way to enjoy the Jjim Jil Bang is that you should stay about 5 to 10 minutes in the heated rooms, take a rest for 10-15 minutes, then go to the ice room for 5 to 10 minutes.

DTM and I had a good long rest after everything in the sleeping caves.

The Massage
This was another good massage experience. :) Unfortunately I fell asleep in the middle, just as the therapist was about to make my back muscles feel all sorts of good so I did not have a chance to experience the full force of the masseuse' Swedish massage magic.
We had to pay an extra Php200 for the couple's room.

The Not-so-Good
Dear Lasema,
1.) Why are your locker key bracelets so huge?! Mine kept falling off.
2.) Maybe it is time to do some maintenance work for all the facilities. While they are all still working perfectly fine, the wet area, the saunas could use some new paint and a good thorough scrubbing.
Spa Girl

The Verdict
You should try this place especially if you are a spa-addict like me. If you doend up going to Lasema, let me know what your thoughts are and if you have the lomi-lomi massage, let me know how it goes. :)

Insider Tips
- Bring your own: toothbrush, loofah, conditioner, lotion, brush and bath towel.
- Do not lose your towels! You will be given 2 small towels that you can exchange for dry ones at the front desk.

It was already past 11 am when DTM and I left Lasema


michymichymoo said...

Woah. Nice place. :) I'd love to try this soon. :)

Christia's World said...

gogo michymichy!

Love, Chay ♥ said...

oh, i wanna try this one. i've been looking for a 24/7 spa besides wensha, that offers a couple's room as well. definitely on my list now. =)

anyway, i tagged you in this post, Christia.


Christia's World said...

Hey Chay! :) Thanks for the tag.

Yep we have Lasema now as an alternative. Am on the prowl for more 24/7 massage places... Nuat thai comes close because they are open until 1am.

Sumi Go said...

Wow, this is interesting.. Would love to try this too! :D Hopefully I can bring my mom here soon.

Jaypee David said...

This is similar to Lohas Hotel New Wellbeing Spa in Clark!! Ma-try nga ito minsan.

Christia's World said...

Sumi. Lemme know how it goes!

Jp. Haha will try lohas soon! Thanks for the suggestion. Malwat nakung mantun

Bhis said...

My friends and I have been to this spa. The place was quite nice. My only complaints are (1) the food from the snack bar are twice their market price, we spent 500+ for a bit of food, and (2) they have a dvd player and tv in the common area but no dvds to play. Korean channels are on most of the time. But still, we enjoyed it there! :)

Christia's World said...

Hahaha, apparently in the other room, they play non-Korean channels.

Well, at least that's what the aattendant at Lasema told me.

Dakila said...

Would like to try this one soon. I noticed the the sleeping caves don't have any doors, or do they?

Christia's World said...

No doors :) privacy is not a big thing in this place?

Anonymous said...

I had the worst time with the snobbish Sharon and arrogant Morgan at their reception. Be warned that they don't care much about you when you avail for discounts. They acted like they don't care if you won't go back anymore. I'm a very patient person but they do have a way of pushing you at your limit. Me and my friends walked out from all the stress. Thumbs down for the rude welcome!

Christia's World said...

That is too bad. Did you try to speak with the management to give feedback on your experience?

Eibee said...

We went for a full package on a Friday night, full payment not part of some online deal. First of all, you pay upfront and they only accept cash (Red flag for tax evasion, calling KIM HENARES!!!). But later on we find out tax evasion is not the only reason for this set-up...

More red flags:
- Upon entering, there were way too many people. Instead of a relaxing sauna experience we felt like we were in a market.
- The floor is mushy, as though it is rarely cleaned. Careful, you might step on morsels of instant noodles.
- They are very stingy when it comes to towel change. No, they don’t care if you are dripping sweat everywhere.

BUT IT GETS WORST. By 10:35PM, we request for our bathroom robes so we can get ready to shower and change for our 11PM massage like responsible and prompt customers. 5, 10, 15 minutes past and still no robe for my bf, we were still in our sweaty sauna wear. They made us go back and forth between the lockers, massage desk, and reception, passing us on to different people and still no robe. It was to the point that they weren’t even minding us anymore. Worse, I talked to the massage desk and they would not extend our massage even if it was clearly their fault. By 11PM, we got so frustrated and pissed off that we just wanted to get a refund.

And here comes the other reason why they make you pay upfront. They may provide you awful service OR not even provide it at all, BUT THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A REFUND. Management policy. In fact, sila pa ang galit and bastos (ANGIE I AM CALLING YOU OUT!). I tried to tell them I promise to give back my locker key when they refund me, but they made two guards corner us and the car. We were helpless prisoners. I tried to talk nicely to the guards that it was about principle, but I guess they have become robots and puppets of Lasema.

Places like this should not be patronized. They really need to learn to treat their customers with respect.

aloner said...

Hi! is it okay to go there with my guy friend? Thank you!

Jones Morris said...

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