Friday, March 16, 2012

The Adventures of Spa Girl # 11: Looking for the Apple @ Big Apple Express Spa

After getting our feet eaten by small fishies (blog post on fish foot spa here), we went to our appointment at Big Apple Express Spa. No they don't sell apples here.

Big Apple Express Spa

The Breakdown

Wet area @ Big Apple Express Spa: None

What do you wear during the massage @ Big Apple Express Spa: They will give you a pair of boxers.

Ambiance @ Big Apple Express Spa: It was very quiet and they played soothing music. In the massage room, it was very dark so you can totally relax.

Price range @ Big Apple Express Spa:
Manhattan Full body Massage for P299.00
Balinese Full body Massage for P499.00
They also have a "Make your own massage" scheme where you choose what part of your body you'd like the masseuse to focus on, and their prices vary depending on the length of the massage and the pressure. If I am not mistaken, this also costs around P599.00 or less.

Anything for the mouth: Warm water was served to us after the massage

Location: We visited their Eastwood branch! It is on the first floor, right beside Prince of Persia, behind Big Oli.

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Sore hours @ Big Apple Express Spa:10 am to 10 pm

Contact them @ Big Apple Express Spa: +63 (02) 3810027

Website @ Big Apple Express Spa: Big Apple Express Spa FB Site

The Good
Their front desk person was very courteous.

Kudos as well for the warm towels that they give after the massage. Helps to wipe away that excess oil from your limbs and allows you to sorta freshen your face up.

Does this mean that even if I don't sleep but I got a massage that I will be all good?

They also have a great foot massage deal for only P149! A quickie relax that you can take while on your lunch break just to help you get through the workday. An easily justifiable expense especially when you are having one of those days where everything seems to go wrong within your immediate vicinity.

The Massage
The pressure was just right. It wasn't too much that you end up having an aching back after but it wasn't too light to the point that the therapist was only gliding her hands all over you. It's a massage that Goldilocks would've preferred. Juuuuuust right.

Personally I would've liked a bit more pressure.

The Not-so-Good
Dear Big Apple Express Spa,
Why do you have to charge an extra 100 for hard pressure massages? Make 'em free!
Xoxo, Spa Girl

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!
Why do I even have this header, I rarely use this?!

The Verdict
Gogogogo! If all you want to have is a massage, no wet area experience, this is not a bad place to try out as their massages are cheap.

Insider Tips
If you are waiting for your appointment at Big Apple Express Spa, you can try out the fish spa place just right beside it.


michymichymoo said...

I tried Big Apple once. Good service but I just didn't like it that they kept on offering a much expensive service. What's the use of having an affordable option when you will keep on pushing the client for a much expensive one?

Christia's World said...

awww too bad you had that experience... which branch was this?

Unknown said...

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