Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top 7 Commercials That Ate My Brains

I am like a sponge when it comes to commercials and product jingles. I think I am the average Jane that all advertisers think of when they create their advertisements because more often than not, I end up humming that jingle I heard on the radio all through out the day.

It used to drive my colleagues at work crazy. Close to smacking me with their laptops.
Adverts that eat my brains and leave a permalink on it
Being that commercial and jingle absorber that I am, here are my top 7 current commercials.

7. Lucky Me Pancit Canton Featuring Sharon Cuneta
No one can dispute the fact that anything Ms. Shawie endorses turns gold. In fact, I read in the newspaper that some brands that she endorse shoot up to a whopping 20% increase in sales!
But the reason why I like this commercial is the fact that Sharon Cuneta does this she-ate-something-extra-spicy face that made me laugh and want to eat that darned pancit canton at the same time.

6. Gran Matador Light and Antonov Vodka Radio Jingle
Whenever I hear the Gran Ma jingle on the Morning rush, I end up singing it all through out the day! This and that crazy Antonov Vodka song!

If you haven't heard them, then  click on the vids below if you dare become a walking advert for these two alcoholic beverages.

5. Mcdonald's Hooray for Today
Speaking of jingles that stay on my head for at least 8 hours, one TV commercial that has a catchy jingle is Mcdonald's Hooray for Today ad.
And of course, any ad with a unicorn in it is already a winner for me. Why? Because unicorns are the boss, that is why! If you do not believe me, ask NPH.

4. Voice Combo Commercial
This one was unexpectedly crazy funny! I was drinking OJ when this was running and I squirted it out of my nose when I saw the punch line, which was so effin' left field! If you haven't seen it, see below.
If it were me, you'd see a billion spa gift certificates floating around. That or a billion unicorns.

3. All "Hanggang Saan Aabot ang 20 Pesos Mo?" Cornetto Commercials
They are crazy hilarious! The one where a guys slips a 20 so he can enter a club, but ends up dancing to the tune of the bouncer singing "tugs tugs tugs" was an instant hit! And the one where a guy wanted to buy a sweater for 20 pesos and the seller just ended up hugging him in various ways? Fu-nny!

This one was not widely popular but I still found it funny. Especially when the barber did his finishing touches.

2. Anna Banana PLDT myDSL Commercial
Who wasn't touched in the heart area when this commercial ended?! I challenge you not to say "awww" when the commercial ends if this will be the first time you will watch this.
And, the kid's song is catchy! So goshdarn cute.

1. BayanDSL WiFi featuring Techie Lola 
This commercial works so well! Why?
  • There is an old person using the internet and playing MMORPG! What is more adorable than that?
  • There is a funny recall on Friendster!
  • And an old person acts like a DOTA/Counter Strike-crazed adolescent! "Huli ka boy! Pers time niyo?! Mga noobs!"
Standing ovation with a slow clap and a triple somersault for this commercial!

What are YOUR favorite commercials (TV, print, radio) nowadays?


Sumi Go said...

I found it quite funny of Sharon to do the spicy Pancit Canton TVC.. :D It's the first time I saw her go a little wild.. haha.. :D I like the Selecta Cornetto Bente TVCs too, except the jacket one. I don't think I'll buy ice cream when I'm actually needing a jacket 'cause it's cold.. XD And with Anna Banana, I liked it, but it gets annoying when the song gets stuck in your head for weeks.. T__T

Christia's World said...

Hahahah I bet the Anna Banana song got stuck in your brain after you read this.
Apologies for that Sumi! Hope your BF won't be too annoyed if you started humming it. LOL

Vayie said...

LOVE this post :)

Christia's World said...

Thanks Vayie! :) Mwah, sana makaabot overseas. :)

The House of JCJEE said...

I love the how the "tugs tugs tugs" and Anna Banana plays on my brain over and over! I admit I had a good laugh when I first saw those TVCs. And, of course, Lola Techie!

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