Friday, February 03, 2012

Revisiting Banchetto

It was 2 am and I was craving for something crazy good to invade my tummy. So Deep Tissue Massage boy, my sister, my baby dog and I went to the only place that I knew was still open on this  early Saturday morning. Banchetto.

When I was still a night-owl worker ant (owl and an ant?!) and time permits, we'd go here to have our Eastern Time lunch with the rest of the team.

But I was quite surprised that the Ortigas Banchetto now has a new location. The new location for this foodie market is at Meralco Avenue. So if you came from C5 and you are driving along Julia Vargas, take a left to Meralco Ave. You won't miss it, it is on the left side.
If you are not familiar with Banchetto, it is a night market that sells glorious, glorious food. You can opt to eat there, they have Monoblock chairs set up at the back, or you can take your food to go. As my mom replied when I asked if she knew about it, she aptly said, "Ah, yung sosyal na turo-turo?" (Ah, that high class version of street food?) Right you are mom. Right you are.
Here are the food items that we tried.
We started off with corn dogs as our appetizers. Because come on, who doesn't love a good corn dog?

For our main course, we ordered a bunch of barbecued items from them peoples selling grilled food. We ordered barbecued isaw manok (chicken intestine), isaw baboy (pork intestine) and pwet ng manok (chicken ass) plus three cups of rice.
Grilling takes around 10-15 minutes to cook so we walked around looking for other things to put in our mouth while waiting. This led us to the following:
This Korean treat was surprisingly good! DTM wanted it because it looked like yummy pasta but as it turns out, that thing that looks like penne, that is glutinous rice, kinda like the ones that you have in ginataang bilo-bilo (rice balls with coconut milk). And it tastes soooooo good. Good. Good!
Another Cooking Masterboy flashback
According to the super friendly Korean girls, they call themselves the Seoul Sisters, this ddokbboki is a street food that you can find in almost all corners of Korea. It is sweet, spicy and has a slight sourness to it that balances everything out.
If you visit Banchetto, this ddokbboki is a MUST TRY. Not effing kidding you here. Try it.

We also tried these "tacolitos", but they were a disappointment. You should try the mini-tacos in Mercato though. Those ones, though too big for my mouth, were delicious. Unlike these sad tacos. They barely had anything in them and the salsa was bland.

Needs improvement:
Need more tables and chairs.
What we like:
The barbecued treats, the ddokbboki and the corn dog
This place is a fitting food haven for you nocturnal folks, people searching for a food fuel after a night of partying or for folks who like a wide array of food in the dead of the night.

Also, you should probably visit from 1 am onwards as the crowds have dissipated by this time. If you visit before that, prepare to brave a sea of human bodies that do not acknowledge the concept of personal space.
How to contact them and how to get there?
Phone: 63 922 8800861
63 943 3664622
63 2 3436833

Here is the Banchetto online site.

1. BANCHETTO-SMCUBAO@Araneta Center SATURDAY & SUNDAY afternoons 
2. BANCHETTO-MERALCO AVENUE along Meralco Avenue FRIDAY nights 
4. BANCHETTO-SHOPWISE@Bagumbayan near eastwood TUESDAY nights
Here is the map to the Meralco Ave. The rest of the photos you can see in the Banchetto site.
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i♥pinkc00kies said...

sana maka-visit din kami dyan! hehehe

Jhaney said...

I miss Banchetto so much. Once pa lang ako nakapunta diyan kaya gusto ko pang bumalik.

Pink MagaLine said...

Never been there. Hmmm.. looks exciting. Too bad I am the only night owl here. Wahh!

Thanks for visiting my blog sis. Happy weekend!

Christia's World said...

@pink - try it madaming banchettos
@jhaney - try mercato next!
@pink - hehe nocturnal peoples like us need other nocturnal folks to be with

Blanca Dela Cruz said...

this place looks interesting. So far we have Soderno here in the south. Will try this place if I happen to pass by here one of these days.:)

Christia's World said...

What time does soderno open and where is that? :)

Michi said...

i always want to go here pero malayo sa min so Soderno lang kami nagpupunta. sa alabang siya, malapit sa ATC.

Christia's World said...

hehe pag nadaan kayo sa north area late at night, this is one cool option you can check out :)

Quick Ways to Make Money said...

Wow! Those looks so delicious!

I'm planning to visit Philippines this year with my girlfriend. Since she's been there, I want to take her with me to have a great time with her.

I'll include this in my must taste list, do you have a place in Manila for balut?

Christia's World said...

Balut is sold in almost every street corner (balut vendors usually stay where there are tricycle queues in front of subdivisions) at night so you won't have a problem there :)

BUT, if you want to go where baluts are made, go to Pateros :)

If your girlfriend and you though are not fans of the added street dust and car smog that you may get to eat when eating balut on the sidewalk, baluts are also now sold in the mall! You can even have "fancy" balut in Crisostomo, a Filipino-centric restaurant in Eastwood Mall (Eastwood City, Libis, QC).

Hope this helps!

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