Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Potipot Zambales Resort: Valentines Day Roadtrip

I am back from my Potipot Gateway Resort trip, my 2 or 3 readers! I mentioned in another post that I was prepping for a trip to the Potipot Gateway Resort for Valentines day and we just got back from that trip. I have so much to say because bottom line it was suuuuuch an Uh-mazing trip.

But I don't want to end up being too long winded, I know how long paragraphs turn most people off. So, I will cut my whole adventure up into a few different posts. See the links down below for all the individual posts per topic.

Let's start off with our road trip to the Candelaria, Zambales resort that we stayed in which is Potipot Gateway resort.

The trip took a total of 6 hours (from NLEX), including a one hour stop over at Subic to fill our tummies at the Meat Plus Shop. Since it was just the two of us, I had to stay awake to keep him company while driving unitl we reach Potipot Gateway Resort. 

Now, what do two, late 20's "adults" talk about on a looong road trip to a Zambales resort?
  • What if a genie will grant you 3 wishes but the pay-off is that your private parts started to be self-aware and talked? Would you accept the pay-off?
  • What do you call a mountain smaller than a regular mountain but bigger than a hill?
  • "This sign means a red car cannot run next to a black car. No, it does not mean NO OVERTAKING!" *naughty huff*
  •  What if you had to choose only one source of protein that you will eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The route we chose (click here for the route we used) had a great view too so it helped with the long drive. It was a bit overcast when we traveled so it made the trip more tolerable. Here are some pics on the way there!
Yes, that pic on the lower right is in fact LAHAR (volcanic mudflow)

Road trip tips?
  •  If you follow our route, prepare PHP 157 for the NLEX Toll fee, PHP 35 for the SCTEX DINALUPIHAN Toll fee and PHP 22 for the Subic Tipo Toll fee.

  • FOLLOW THE TRAFFIC RULES IN SUBIC! I cannot stress this more than enough. Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) is very strict with traffic rules. Simple rules are: stay on your lane (left lane always turns left, etc.), wear seat belts for all passengers, full stop on STOP signs and follow the first to stop first to go policy on intersections. DTM forgot the first to stop first to go rule and we ended up getting a ticket. LOL!

  • Do not forget to bring your road trip food. This will keep you and your driver awake. :) DTM and I went healthy so we brought mangoes and oranges with some nuts and a bottled water.
Almost half of the way in, we knew we needed to get some grub on so we stopped over at Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Want to know more about that? Head on over to part 2 of my Potipot post.

Want to know the directions to get to Potipot Gateway resort when you are already in Zambales? Head on over to part 3 of my Potipot post.


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