Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Potipot Zambales Resort Trip: Subic Stop over @ Meat Plus Cafe

I researched on which Subic Free Port Zone resto was a must try. And the name Meat Plus Cafe popped up in almost every blog I visited. So, we tried it on our way to Potipot Gateway Resort.
Meat Plus Cafe
We both ordered Topsirloin, Deep Tissue Massage boy had his cooked medium well and since I like mine a bit bloody, I ordered it medium. We also got the potato skins, an order of coleslaw and a slice of carrot cake because DTM's sweet tooth demanded it.

Carrot cake: DTM said it was a bit dry but I liked it. Although I was never a sweets person so... there.
Potato skins: Love love love! Mix the cheese and garlic dip, they are heavenly together. This is something that you MUST order in the Meat Plus cafe.
Topsirloin: So moist and juicy. Would have wanted it a bit thicker though.
Coleslaw: Meh.
Iced Tea
Mmmmm... saucy!
Meat Plus Shop was minimally decorated. Not a bad design, it looks a roomier, more well lighted version of a Pizza Hut Bistro.
Al fresco for those who wants to smoke right after eating that hunka meat

Price list:
Rib eye is at Php 405 and that charge for cooking is at Php 100.
Needs improvement:
Maybe they can serve thicker cuts @ Meat Plus Cafe
What we like:
Potato skins are love. Get them, that's an order.
Insider Tips:
You can choose your meat from the Meat Plus Cafe fridge and get it cooked for Php 100.
If you want to get your steak on in Subic or if you are on your way to a Zambales resort, this is a fantastic stop over place. But Meat Place Cafe folks, if you are reading this, please serve thicker cuts :) Kthanksbye!

How to contact them and how to get there?
See bullet A for Meat Plus Cafe
Phone: (+63 47) 252-6090, (+63 47) 252-7091

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Michi said...

"no outside food and beverage allowed", first time to read this kind of rule.

Mrs.A said...

Ooh. I was here once. :)

Christia's World said...

@ michi - maybe they'd allow it pero may corkage :)
@ mrs A - How did you find the food?

i♥pinkc00kies said...

i wanna go there :)

Christia's World said...

maybe you can try it next time when you pass thru subic :)

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