Thursday, February 16, 2012

Potipot Zambales Resort Trip: Potipot Island

This will be my final post on this topic. *insert sheepish emoticon*

If you have been avidly checking on my blog dear reader, you know that this will be my 7th post regarding the trip to Potipot Island. I saved the best blog post for last, my experience on the island itself.
To be completely honest, I am not a beach person. I hate that sand gets everywhere (why is there sand on my butt?!) and the waters have living organisms swimming out and about (is that a stingy jelly fish or a safe one?). So it was a huge surprise for me that I enjoyed this island and its beaches immensely.

Potipot is an island that you can get to through a 7-10 minute boat ride from the shores of Candelaria's Zambales resorts (such as Potipot Gateway resort). It has powdery white beaches and clear waters extending as far s I can swim.
It was overcast on our way there, in fact, it was even drizzling at some point but that did not ruin an overall great experience. 

If you will do a day tour of the island, they charge you Php 100. Overnight will cost you Php 300. Since we were guests at Potipot Gateway resort and our voucher paid for everything, we got in for free! Yey to group buying sites!

What did we do?

1. Set up camp. We took the spot on the right side of the island (if you are facing it from the resorts). We brought our own "tent", mat and some quickie snacks + drinks to last us until mid-day.
Essentials: snacks, water, book, baggie for the phone, sunblock, shades, book (not in the photo: cam, tent and mat)
2. Walked around the island, took in all the beauty of the view from Potipot while picking up abandoned/dead sea shells. It is a very small island. The kind that I think will get swallowed whole when a huge storm comes.

3. Checked out other stuff in the island. There was a tree house in the middle of the island too but we didn't care much for it. They also have rudimentary washrooms available but they can use a lot of cleaning up. You can rent the cottages in the island. The picnic tables are free to use.

4. Tried to revive a fish... and succeeded!
While we were walking, we saw a lot of dead fish on the shore. One of the fishies that we saw was still struggling so Deep Tissue Massage boy tried to revive him by forcing water to its gills (a move he said he learned from the Discovery Channel). At first it could not swim on its own. But after a few minutes of the Discovery Channel move, boom! It swam!
The Discovery Channel move
It can finally swim!
RIP little fishie
Dead blow-fishes x_x
P.S. Does anyone here know if this is a normal occurrence or should I contact DENR already?

5. Made a new friend.
Meet Casper, our ghost crab friend.

6. Ate a romantic by the Potipot island lunch
Our basket of hot lunch and wine, thank you Potipot Gateway Resort
7. Snorkelers, we are
This was the first time I tried snorkeling. I passed it up when we went to other beaches like Boracay, Puerto Galera and Hundred Islands. For some reason I end up thinking I will die if I jump in, even if I have a life vest. Don't ask my why I think this way. I'm all sorts of crazy inside my brain.

But this time, I tried snorkeling, even if I stuck close to the shores, I still saw underwater plant life and fishies.
DTM is a half merman so he is so at home in the sea.
You will also be happy to know that the water was not itchy at all unlike in some beaches.

8. Sand art
Because who needs a paintbrush and a canvas when you can do your drawings on the sand?!
Spa Girl on the left, DTM on the right. DTM's hand looks like Kermit's foot.
Closing remarks
To close this series of Potipot blog posts, I just want to say that this was the best Valentines weekend that DTM and I had. It will be really hard to top this next year. But we'll see. :)

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Unknown said...

OOOh! Red wine by the beach! :)

Christia's World said...

oh yes... but we are no wine people. we think it just tasted nasty... lol

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