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Potipot Zambales Resort: @ Potipot Gateway Resort

Here is post # 4 on my Potipot Zambales resort trip. Are you already feeling a bit fed up with the Potipot posts? :p Well prepare to brave through another one. This one is all about Potipot Gateway Resort.
Potipot Gateway Resort
We went to this resort in Potipot instead of the more famous ones because of this voucher I bought back in October of last year. It was suuuuch a sweet deal that as soon as I called this Potipot Gateway resort and they verified that they have rooms free on the date that I wanted to avail the promo, I whipped out my plastic and charged away!

We went there last February 12 to 14. And since we checked in on a Sunday, we were the ONLY people in the WHOLE resort. It was like we rented the whole place for ourselves! Très romantique and very lucky!
From's Potipot Gateway Resort promo
Prepare your eyes on a buckload of pictures!

Entrance for the Potipot Zambales Resort:
The attendant from the Zambales resort assisted us on getting our bags from the car to our room.
You have to park in their guarded parking space, then walk through that cute bridge to get to the resort. The entrance was already a feast on the eyes. :)

Our room was fan-ta-bu-lous. It was bigger than what we expected, with the only downside that we had to share our washroom with another room. But since we were the only people there, this was not a problem.
I read in some comment that the towels were awful. No they were not.
So this was our room at Potipot Gateway resort. It was normally priced at Php 2,500 a night. We had a nice view of the China Sea on our veranda and the bed was big enough for the two of us. We had 2 sofas so we kept our stuff on the bamboo one, sorry for the mess on the pic. 

We got room A2 in this house. There are 3 houses that we saw you could choose from. Ours was the one facing the beach. Here are the common areas.
Here are some pics of other rooms and houses in Potipot Gateway Resort (Deep Tissue Massage boy and I did a scouting mission so you guys get to see other rooms as well. Yes you are most welcome, person researching on Potipot Zambales Resort schtuff!)

Amenities and activities:
Cabanas and hammocks everywhere in this Zambales resort where you can laze around and drink the day away or read books if you are into that kind of geeky stuff like moi
Upper left: tree house with bar set up, upper right: business center, lower left: kayaks (they also have banana boats), lower right: videoke system
Upper left: Savors restaurant @Potipot Gateway Resort, upper right: reading area, lower left: billiards table+foosball+pingpong, lower right: fishing pond
Play schtuff if you are not really into the usual Zambales resort beachy-type fun
They also have a basketball court @Potipot Gateway Resort. You can also take a riverside cruise and watch the sunset on their viewing deck.
So many other activities offered. They also have a bunch of fowls running around the place. LOL. So if you have ornithophobia, you will be in for a real scare. ;p
More on the restaurant, the island tour and the massage on other posts. Yes, there are more blog posts related to this mah dearies. :p

They were all very friendly and accommodating. They also answered all of our questions patiently and suggested ways on how to make our Zambales resort more fun!

Island Tour w/c includes boat, fare, island entrance, minderal H2O, resort staff guide, life vest and insurance - Php 350/pax
Massage of choice either shiatsu or Swedish for an hour- Php 350 
Manicure - Php 100
Pedicure - Php 100
Body Scrub and Hair Spa - Php 500
Foot Spa - Php 350
Kayak - Php 300/hr
Videoke - Php 500/3hrs
Snorkeling gear - Php 300
Bonfire - Php 300 
Rooms prices 
Photo from Potipot Gateway resort's website:

Insider tips
  • Check in time is 2pm, check out at 12 pm
  • Get room D1 it has its own bath
  • Weekdays are the best time to go, you can have the whole resort for your own enjoyment
  • Bring food to the island. Food AND drinks.
  • If you go to the island in the morning, you can get your lunch delivered at 12! So the food is pipping hot when you eat. 
Needs improvement:
 Dear Potipot Gateway Resort,
  • Would be wonderful if all rooms have their own baths
  • Please have more signs to point towards your resort 
  • There were times when we ordered food and the items we wanted listed on the menu was not available. Which was sad. :( 
XOXO, Christia
    The voucher for Potipot Gateway Resort was worth every penny! We will definitely come back soon to this place.

    How to contact this Zambales resort and how to get there?

    Their contact numbers are:
    +63 927 268 7128,
    +63 917 554 8554,
    +63 921 663 7433

    By bus:
    Take Victory Liner bus to Santa Cruz, Zambales (Caloocan terminal)
    Tell the driver to drop you at Sinabacan Plaza, Candelaria
    Take a trike to Potipot Gateway Resort
    By car: 
    See this other post.

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    Anonymous said...

    how many hours travelling time via bus?

    Christia's World said...

    A friend told me the bus trip to the Candelaria resorts last from 6 to 7 hours... :) hope that helps.

    Veronica said...

    WOW! Now I'm kicking myself. Why didn't I purchase a voucher when I saw this on cashcash?

    Nice photos! :)

    Christia's World said...

    Thanks bee! Maybe they have other deals on going, you can call them up to check :)

    ynna dulog said...

    is this white sand?

    Christia's World said...

    On Potipot Island itself, the sand is white (not very, very fine to the point of it being called powdery but it is white). =)

    On the resort's beach though the sand is dark...

    kyuketsuki said...

    The deal for potipot gateway resort is more often offered in the cashcashpinoy site.

    Is the beach on the resort is OK even though the sand is dark?
    Can you go to the island for both days of stay when you have the voucher?
    Can you deliver the dinner on the island as well and stay there overnight?

    This post has been a great help, I have the same voucher and was thinking of using in when the peak season is over. Thank you! ^_^

    Christia's World said...

    @kyuketsuki (took me a while to get your name spelled correctly)
    1. We didn't really stay long on the resort's beach. Wasn't pretty and seemed like no one was swimming there so we didn't dare. It was a good place to get some interesting looking rocks... :) which we did :)

    2.) I guess it's your call... But you have to pay for the overnight fee at the island. And they don;t have the prettiest washrooms so there's that to consider.

    3.) I think you can get that set up with the resort, but best to call them up to verify :)

    most welcome!

    kyuketsuki said...

    Before you went there? Did you book beforehand? If so, how many days before going there? They are not replying via email.

    Christia's World said...

    Yes I had to book:)
    And I booked around 2 months I think before using it...

    Call their mobile, or check their fb for more deets. #latereply

    Anonymous said...

    Are the rates per room or per person? thanks!

    Christia's World said...

    Hi Anonymous, When I purchased the voucher it was already for 2 pax. Best to call them up to check if they have promos similar to my experience above.

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