Thursday, February 16, 2012

Potipot Zambales Resort: Food @ Potipot Gateway Resort, SAVORS

Annnnd we are now at post # 5 on my Potipot Zambales trip. Just two more blog posts  on our Zambales resort trip and I will be done on this. I purr-romise. :) 

Now, we will talk about food. We had free food breakfast, lunch and dinner as part of the voucher we bought that I mentioned in this post. Potipot Gateway Resort has its own restaurant so we were kept well fed (save for 1 instance where they didn't have the food we wanted available in the kitchen.)
Inhouse resto of this Zambales resort
Here are all the reasons why my Facebook pics showed a very chubby Spa Girl.

Day 1 Lunch @ Potipot Gateway Resort, SAVORS
Our first lunch was sinigang na baboy (pork in tamarind broth) and rice. It was an OK tasting sinigang, better than what most restaurants serve. But since Deep Tissue Massage boy cooks a kick-ass sinigang, it pales in comparison of course. #pakiligmoment

Day 1 Dinner @ Potipot Gateway Resort, SAVORS
One of the many decors in Savors @ Potipot Gateway Resort, the shells forming their Zambales resort's insignia.
Second meal! Tinola (chicken ginger stew with green papaya) and pakbet (mixed vegetable stew?! not really sure if my translation here is correct feel free to correct me). 

I know it was not a good mix but I have to say, the veggies were cooked perfectly. :) Full discolsure though, I have never been really too much of a pakbet fan. I think it has something to do with the ampalaya (bitter gourd).

Day 2 Breakfast @ Potipot Gateway Resort, SAVORS
This Zambales resort serves strong coffee

Simple breakfast of spam, eggs and strong coffee to power us up through the day.

Day 2 Lunch @ Potipot Gateway Resort, SAVORS
We ordered the fries and bolognese separately because DTM was craving for some pasta and junk food
Lunch at the island in front of the Zambales resort! Bolognese (although it tasted like Jollibbee spaghetti. The type you get when you attend children's parties), fries, inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly), guisadong kangkong (sauteed veggies) and rice. Again, not a good combo but individually they all tasted fairly OK. :) 

We also availed of our free wine by this time. DTM and I are not wine people so I really can't comment on how the wine tasted. :p

Day 2 Dinner @ Potipot Gateway Resort
Yummy dinner. This one I thoroughly enjoyed because I felt like it was the quintessential beach food, inihaw na bangus at liempo (grilled milk fish and pork belly)! And no meal is complete without a dip made of toyo, calamansi (a small Philippine lime-like fruit) and chili. We were also served a generous serving of ginisang kalabasa (sauteed squash). 

Then, DTM's sweet tooth kicked in so we ordered two chocolate ice cream sundaes to go which we ate in our room.

Day 3 Breakfast @ Potipot Gateway Resort
Our simple last breakfast at Savors. Corned beef, egg and fried rice, coupled with strong coffee sweetened by muscovado sugar.

Price list:
Lemme know if you want me to upload the close up version of this menu and like a genie, your wish will be done.
Needs improvement:
Please have all items on the menu available as much as possible!
What we like:
The fact that lunch was delivered to the island
Insider Tips:
The food is a bit on the pricey side.
They can cook relatively OK food at Savors, no doubt. But food is a bit pricey so make sure your wallet is ready.

How to contact them and how to get there?
See this post. Same contact details and directions.


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