Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Hot and Heavy @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort

Since one of Deep Tissue Massage boy's closest friends is about to go to Palawan, his entire posse decided to spend one last outing at Nuvo Hot Spring Resort.
@ Laguna hot springs! Look at that sexy lil' man getting all the ladies' attention. Das what I'm talkin' 'bout!
So off we all went to Los Banos to get steamed like boiled potatoes in a Laguna private resort. Little did we know it was going to be more like a miniature singing competition against other nearby resorts.

The Place: @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort

There are 2 private pools under this Laguna private resort. Since there was only 9 of us, we stayed at Nuvo Hot Spring Resort 2 which can house up to 16 people. Nuvo Hot Spring Resort 1 can house 24 pax!
Very modern facade of the Laguna hot springs place
The Rooms: @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort
There are 2 rooms in Nuvo Hot Spring Resort 2, with 4 double beds lined up neatly. They are very sparse rooms but oddly enough they were still nicely decorated in my taste.
Continuing with the minimalistic modern feel in the interiors for this Laguna hot springs place. Yes, no place to do the nasty here if you come with your friends. LOL. #manyakthoughts
The Amenities: @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort
You get a private hot spring pool. It gives a fancy schmancy lighting effect at night to liven up the par-tay with your friends. Just ask the caretaker how to switch it on.
Nuvo Hot Spring Resort 2'a private pool
Please don't trow me in the pool. I am water-averse.
Green Laguna private pool!
Blue Laguna private pool!
Pink Laguna private pool!
You get a very up to date karaoke system that you get to use  for the whole duration of your stay. Note that I am writing this review Feb 2012. We did a tribute to Whitney Houston just because. :)
It made me live my dreams of singing Adele and Alicia Keys songs.
And since the Nuvo Hot Spring Resort is in a village where other resorts are located, you will end up in a small karaoke competition with the other resorts. There was a point in our stay there that when the other resort sang a song, we'd sing the same one because we are that type of people.  

Mapangasar. *Evil laughter* Off topic: Does this word have a direct one word English translation? Taunters? LOL.

You also get a complete basic kitchen set up of grill, stove, fridge, water dispenser and sink.
The amenities are basic because that is really everything you need for a barkada (friends) outing. Do not expect the resort to bear all the entertaining duties. It is more of a place where you can bond, play crazy card games and get buzzed with friends.

The Staff: @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort
They don't have a staff here, just a lone caretaker.  He was nice enough to accommodate all our concerns. The rest of the time we were on our own. In order to talk to the care taker we had to call him on his cell.

The Price: @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort
Nuvo 2 is Php 9,000 a night, good for 16 people. So it is a good deal for its price.
Insider Tips to use @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort
  • Bring your own blankets
  • No towels provided so bring your own
  • Bring all your foodies with you, do some grocery shopping so you guys can do your own cooking! Do not forget plastic spoons, forks, paper cups and paper plates.
  • Buy ice at SLEX because on weekends, according to the convenience store peoples, ice supply is low.
The Not-so-good: @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort
Dear Hot Spring Resort,
Y U have no kumot (blanket)? LOL seriously though, we did end up getting blankets after requesting them from the caretaker. Speaking of which, it will also be helpful if thwere is an intercom to connect with the caretaker.
I think my biggest issue was that the following day, this Laguna private pool was already cold :(  Brrrr...
Other things you can work on:
Provide pillows bigger and thicker than a laptop. It was like I was resting my head on a tablet.
It will help if you can provide rudimentary cabinets in the rooms.
It would be wonderful to have a bigger grill.
Also, the 2 washrooms were not a problem for us because we were only 9 people but I'd imagine it is not a fun activity for 16 pax.
P.S. Please also look into having a toaster or microwave oven.
Spa Girl
My Verdict on @ Nuvo Hot Spring Resort
If you are looking fora Laguna private resort that gives you all the basics you need to whip up food, sing your lungs out and soak in a warm hot spring, then this is a nice resort to consider. However, you need to "rough" it out and prepare your own food as there is no nearby restaurant. 
If you want a Laguna hot springs resort that will have staff at your beck and call, you may want to look for another place to go to. 

Personally, I enjoyed our overnight stay at Hot Spring Resort. Even if I had to kill some liver cells as a consequence for "winning" shot after shot in one of our card games. :)

How to contact them and how to get there?
According to Hot Spring Resort's Multiply website this is their address and contact info:
Lot 6 Block 6 Park Merced Village
Barangay Lalakay, Los Baños, Laguna
Philippines 4030

For bookings and other concerns, please text or call:
0908-8829120 (Smart) or 0922-8647840 (Sun)
Joey Yamane

With the help of Google Maps:

View Larger Map
Take the Calamba exit in SLEX. go straight and turn right when you see SM Calamba. Go past the famous 88 Hot Spring Resort and you are already near the Nuvo Hot Spring Resort.


Mrs.A said...

The beds are cute. ^_^

Christia's World said...

Aren't they a doll? It's so simple pero they provide all the basics that you need to survive :)

CrescentFire said...

The place looks neat! And the bed sheets also caught my eye :P

Christia's World said...

IKR, the beds also got my attention when I checked out the site. They are nice but suuuper uncomfortable the pillows.

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