Thursday, February 09, 2012

How To Drive To Potipot: Valentines Day Prep

 I am highly excited for my Valentines day trip with Deep Tissue Massage boy to Potipot next week.
Excited face cartoon for the Potipot trip at yo' face!

So as early as now, I am researching on how we can get there so we don't get lost and land in a situation reminiscent of a story in one of the manyShake, Rattle & Roll movies.

Here are driving directions on how to get to Potipot from Cubao, QC.

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Instructions on how to drive to Potipot:
    1. Head southeast on 14th Ave toward Main Ave    
    2. Take the 1st right onto Main Ave    
    3. Turn right onto EDSA    
    4. Take the exit onto N Luzon Expy    
    5. Take the exit toward Jose Abad Santos Ave  (San Fernando)
    6. Turn right onto Jose Abad Santos Ave
Go through 1 roundabout
    7. Continue onto Roman Superhighway    
    8. Slight right onto the ramp to Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expy    
    9. Keep left at the fork and merge onto Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expy    
    10. Merge onto Subic-Tipo Expy    
    11. Merge onto Subic-Tipo Expressway    
    12. Continue onto Subic-Tipo Expy    
    13. Turn right onto Rizal Hwy    
    14. Turn left onto Manila Ave    
    15. Take the 2nd right onto Dewey Ave    
    16. Turn left onto RH 5    
    17. Continue onto Regional Highway 5    
    18. Continue onto Olongapo-Bugallon Rd    
    19. Continue onto Regional Highway 5    
    20. Continue onto RH 5    
    21. Turn right to stay on RH 5    
    22. Continue onto Zambales Regional Highway 5    
    23. Continue onto RH 5    
    24. Continue onto Regional Highway 5    
    25. Turn right onto Olongapo-Bugallon Rd    
    26. Continue onto Zambales-Pangasinan Rd    
    27. Continue onto Zambales Regional Highway 5    
    28. Turn right onto Lesaca St    
    29. Take the 1st left onto Olongapo-Bugallon Rd    
    30. Continue onto Zambales Regional Highway 5    
    31. Continue onto RH 5    
    32. Continue onto Zambales Regional Highway 5    
    33. Head north on Zambales Regional Highway 5    
    34. Continue onto Regional Highway 5    
    35. Turn left    

Potipot Island

Thank you, Google Maps. You da bomb!
If you want to see commuting instructions to Potipot, go here.

Do YOU know of a better way to drive to Potipot?

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Sumi Go said...

Eeekk.. I don't even know how to drive yet. And although my bf can drive, he doesn't know his way outside the Metro.. hahaha.. XD Anyway, advance happy Valentine's to you and Deep Tissue Massage boy.. :) Have a fun Vday at Potipot!

Christia's World said...

Thanks! And I bet you will be writing about the resto that you and the BF will be dining for V-day :) Looking forward to that!

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