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Bad Service + Good Food = Viewpoint Tagaytay

The title of my post is already a dead giveaway of what is in store for you at this place. But I know you like reading what is going in my brain regions (oh dear 2 readers of mine) so here are the details of my experience at Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn.
Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn
And just so you know, I am big proponent of customer service so this is going to be a very bumpy post. Fasten your seat belts.

After a great overnight stay at Nuvo Hot Springs Resort with Deep Tissue Massage Boy and his friends, we decided to grab lunch at Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant. We heard that they serve great tasting bulalo (beef marrow stew) so off we braved the 1 hour drive there (traffic included).

Price List:
Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn menu

What we liked:
Aaaand our sources were right, Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn did serve great tasting bulalo and their sisig (fried chopped pork parts LOL) was also spot on, and this is coming from a Kapampangan.
Eating bulalo in Tagaytay is a mad race against sebo (coagulated grease). You gotta eat that bulalo while it is hothothot!
And of course no bulalo feast is complete without the patis (fish sauce) + kalamansi  (lime)+ sili (chili) dip
Another good thing with this place was the view of the Taal Volcano was uh-mazing. It was unobstructed and you can see the lush green forest right across it, with a few shanties as well, dotting the area.
View of Taal Volcano from Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn

View right below Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn
Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn

The dining area where we ate also got so much fresh and crisp Tagaytay air, I felt like it knocked out all the Metro Manila smog that I had in my system.
See my doggiepoots enjoying the Tagaytay breeze
Needs Improvement:
Dear Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn,
Please work on getting your waiters customer service training. I was not able to get the name of your wait staff who served us because I forgot, so sorry about that.
  • When you ask your clients to hurry up and give their orders even if they just got there, that is not good customer service. Granted, you said you were expecting another party to come in, so you wanted us to send our orders in before them but you could at least have said it to us nicely.
  • When your customers ask if you can kindly take a picture of the whole dining party so they can have this great moment immortalized digitally, SAY YES. Do not give an excuse that you are too busy. If you would have paused even just for 30 seconds to take the picture, you would have received a generous tip and got happy customers by the end of the meal. What's 30 seconds?! *shakes head*
  • Do not act as if you are too busy to take requests from your customers. Do not respond as if requesting for extra kalamansi will be too much of a burden for you to deliver. *facepalm* We were 10 people in the table for crying out loud, so malamang kulang ang 6 na kalamansi noh (obviously 6 limes will not be enough)?!
Hope you will do something about this. And I sincerely hope this guy was just having a bad day and you usually have super helpful and friendly wait staff.

Spa Girl

Insider tips:
  • When it comes to eating bulalo, ALWAYS order extra rice. Do not kid yourself by splitting that extra rice with a friend. You are kidding yourselves, you will end up ordering another rice.
  • Get the buko, they are HUMONGOUS! It took 3 people sipping this bad boy to finish it.
Ginormous buko at Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn
  • There is a buzzer so you can alert the waiters if you need anything else so yey for that.

I personally do not want to go back to this place after how we were treated. But DTM likes the sisig and bulalo so bad, that he wants to go back.
So there.
I now rest my case.

How to contact them and how to get there?
Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn
Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn
Directions from Tagaytay Highlands to Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn:

View Larger Map

EDIT: I just saw another negative blog post about on Viewpoint Tagaytay restaurant and inn. Yikes. Their experience, based on the blog post, was worse than mine.


maiylah said...

i agree, it also turns me off when the service is terrible! we haven't tried them, yet...usually we go to Viewsite (we also love their bulalo) when we eat in Tagaytay. :)

Christia's World said...

Ah, maybe we can try that next time :)

Bechay said...

So nice of you sis that you were not satisfied with the service yet you somehow "promote" the restaurant all the same, hehehe! They must be very lucky!

Christia's World said...

As they say wala nga daw bad publicity kasi bad publicity is STILL publicity :)

Hopefully though this place will work on its customer service because the food was great...

Pero bad service talaga, will not want to go back there unless DTM manhandles me.

Anonymous said...


so malamang kulang ang 6 na kalamansi noh (obviously 4 limes will not be enough)?!

Jhaney said...

Turn din sa kin ang bad service. They don't deserve a tip kung ganyan ang treatment nila sa customers nila.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

i hate restos with bad service. sayang coz it ruins the good food.

Michi said...

katurn-off naman yung service, sana natapat ka lang sa waiter na yun. i had one sa viewsite restaurant, first try. ok ang service, second try, after 1 hour wala pa rin order namin, kinalimutan kami kahit panay follow up namin. grrr...di na ko umulit.

Christia's World said...

@anonymous - thanks for calling me with my real name! :)

@jhaney - i hear yah.

@pinkcookies - you dine out kasi for the whole experience... :( service like this ruins half of the reason why you went out in the first place

@michi - yikes! 1 hour wait, that is terrible. :(

Unknown said...

I guess with a view like this they are banking on it and service is unfortunately only a second thought. We enjoyed the view at the Picnic site with a gourmet so close to Tagaytay, we are going to the view point too and have to put up with the bad service.....I guess I have to open a business one day in Tagaytay

Love your Blog!

munchersandnibblers said...

Bad service makes the food seem to taste really blah and whatever. Tsk. But wait, did you guys tip them? Haha I hope not. *kidding* ;)

Christia's World said...

@country gourmet - thanks!
@munchers - haha I don't know, lemme check wtih DTM

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