Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventures of Spa Girl #9: Wensha Spa Antipolo

When I heard that Wensha Antipolo opened, I was raring to try it out. I mentioned in my other post here that I enjoyed my time in Wensha Spa, Panay Ave (Timog) thus I wanted to try their newer branch.
Look at the Wensha Spa lady in the picture, so effin' relaxed like putty
So I hauled a skeptical-if-he-would-like-Wensha Spa Deep Tissue Massage boy there, but setting his expectations that we will not be together most of the time. He was amenable to that considering we don't talk much when we do spa time anyway.

P.S. Read until the end of the blog post. Sad ending. *huge sigh*

We set a time to meet at the buffet area since that will be the only time that we can be together. I was sorta-kinda-a-bit worried that he will not enjoy it because DTM will be co-mingling with nekkid men, with all their jewels hanging and steaming in the sauna.

But boy was I wrong.

We got to Wensha Spa around 11:30 pm and unfortunately, the receptionist said that the steam and hot tub will be shutting off at 12:00 am for maintenance purposes. We said it is OK, not a problem for us. We paid and we were given our locker bracelets and slippers

Wonder twin powers activate! Form of a relaxed person like the Wensha Spa logo!

I got pink slippers 'coz I'm a giiiirl
We said we will meet each other after x amount of hours so we can enjoy the buffet and shabu-shabu together. We went out separate ways (Aaand, my mind is now compelling me to sing Separate Lives by Phil Collins since I said the word separate. Ah brain, how simple you work sometimes).
(Tarzan voice) "You girl. You here."
"You boy. Us here."
I went to the locker room and the Wensha Antipolo attendant gave me my robe and towel with a smile. I left my bag, slippers  and robe in the locker to strip nekkid in the changing stall, only taking my towel with me. The changing stalls are right past the free toiletries post (powder, lotion, atringent, tissue, cotton, disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, gel, hair dryer).

But, you can also strip in front of your locker, if you don't mind other peoples seeing your buttickular and boobular area :p

The Breakdown

Wensha Spa Wet area: They have a steam room, dry sauna, hot tub, cold tub and shower rooms.
Soap and shampoo will be provided so all you need to bring is your conditioner if you are like me who has hair that dries up like the desert if it doesn't get conditioned.
Use your imagination on what the Wensha Spa wet area looks like because I was not allowed to take pictures of the wet area, lest I take pictures of bo0bies of other folks.
They also have basins and ice in the wet area so you can use that to cool your face off in the steam room if you are into that.

What do you wear during the massage: In the wet area you will be in your birthday suit, all naked like the day you were born. For the massage, you will wear the robe and shorts.
Personally in the wet area, after taking a shower, I just have a towel wrapped around me. Then I remove it when I start the whole hot tub-sauna-cold tub cycle.

Wensha Spa Ambiance: Leaps and leaps better than the one in Wensha Spa Timog. The ladies' massage area is 2 floors down the wet area while the men's massage area is 1 floor down. It is quiet and there are more private rooms. It is sparsely decorated, reminds you of an empty classroom but with beds instead of chairs.

Wensha Spa Price range: Php 680 for a 1 hr Wensha Spa massage, use of the wet area and buffet + Shabu-shabu! Sa-weet.
Seen at Wensha Antipolo
See prices and promos here:
Wensha Antipolo prices
Wensha Antipolo promos
Wensha Antipolo promos

Anything for the mouth:
Buffet and Shabu-shabu. The buffet only last until 2 am while the shabu-shabu is 24/7. Oddly enough they also have pop-corn at Wensha Antipolo. LOL.
shabu-shabu goodness
The buffet is not that mind-blowingly-yummy but it fills you :)
From Wensha Antipolo
Mmmm beef at Wensha Spa
Wensha Antipolo dining area for smokers

Wensha Spa Location: Wensha Antipolo is located at G/F Comoda Ville, 267-269 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo,
Coming from Katipunan Ave, from Marcos Highway, turn right to Sumulong Highway. It is past Kingsville, at the same building of Cafe Lupe.
If you are commuting, from Aurora, Cubao, ride the  Antipolo-Sumulong jeep.

View Larger Map

Wensha Spa Contact Details: +63 (02) 655-7377

Wensha Spa Website: Wensha Antipolo Facebook account

The Good
This is a very sulit (worth it) deal, considering the price you have to pay and the services that you will get.
And, the location is nice, you get to have a good view, overlooking Marikina while you eat and drink with your friends at Wensha Antipolo :-)
The Wensha Antipolo dining area is at just below that Cafe Lupe sign

The waiting area is also helluva nicer than the one in Wensha Spa Timog
Wensha Spa waiting area
The Massage
The Wensha Antipolo massage was all sorts of heaven. I mean, when my therapist did that thing with my shoulder blades, I had to really work extra hard to keep myself from orgasmically moaning.
Wensha Spa induced face-gasm
And when she got to the part where she stretched my muscles into a happier state, I was half thinking that if my muscles can talk, they will confess their love to the massage therapist. And my other thought was how was my small and petite therapist able to carry me body just like that.

The Not-so-Good
Dear Wensha Antipolo,
Please remember to stock up on disposable undies because they were out of stock when I wne there.
Also, the initial numbers on your FB account are not working and the contact info on FB is confusing coz it looks like this: "26557377"
Next time, it will also be wonderful if you end up having couples massage rooms
Spa Girl
P.S. You have one shower stall in the girl's locker that does not have a working lever.

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!

Insider Tips
  • You can ask for an extra towel (just one though on top of the one you will be given)
  • Come in at weekdays, probably around 9:30 - 10 pm so that the place is not crowded.
  • The therapists at Wensha Antipolo really listen to what you want so do not hesitate to give specific instructions.
  • You can rest and sleep in the Wensha Spa massage room, but make sure you do not exceed 6 hours for your stay or you will be charged Php 100 per hour extension
  • You can ask for disposable undies for Php 20
  • At a minimum, you will only need to bring your own deo, conditioner and brush.
  • At the buffet area, you can come eat with your robe on or you can already dress up, it's up to you.
  • Take note of the timing of the machines at Wensha Antipolo:

The Verdict
At Wensha Antipolo, you get:
A wonderful massage
Unlimited food
Complete wet area
All for Php 680?!
One of the best spa deals ever. We will definitely go back at Wensha Antipolo, DTM and I.

Lasema, you are next, you better deliver. :o)

Have YOU experienced Wensha Antipolo? Or any Wensha Spa branch?

Update # 1 June 16, 2013:
Price now for 1 hour of massage is Php780. Still worth it though. And it is beer-all-you-can so hurray for beer-a-holics.

Update #2 November 9, 2013:
For those asking if this place has anything funky going on, what I can say is this, I've never experienced that sort of "thing." Last August, I took my family here and we had all sorts of wholesome, fambam fun.

What was disappointing though was that the buffet was lacking meat for the shabu-shabu area and the korean bbq section only had pork fat.

Family fun only. Nothing "extra" ifyouknowwhatimean
Update #3 June 10, 2014:
Oh noooo! Wensha Antipolo is no longer open. We took DTM's fambam there last Sunday early morning and lo and behold, it has been replaced by Eutopia Spa, which was only open until 2am.

Sad times. Really Sad times. I have not tried the place yet but here is a forum in GreenBodyTalk talking about the replacement spa.

Sad. Really. Sigh.


Anonymous said...


I just love your reviews! Have you ever been to Paradise Spa in Antipolo City?

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Funny but great post! It wold be lovely to try it though for myself, and would be a good bonding spa session with girlfriends. I've been hearing a lot about them and I've been dying for centuries to try it. Thanks for giving me more reasons to do so!
Following you now, hope you also return the favor! Thanks and God bless!
My Blog:

Cha said...

My girl friends are all raving about Wensha in Macapagal Avenue. They wanted me to come along but I live in the North area and that is so far from my place. I am glad you enjoyed your spa at Wensha Antipolo. If my neurosurgeon give his go signal maybe I'll try Wensha Timog.

Pink MagaLine said...

Yay, new spa branch! I have been to Wensha Spa in Pasay only. Wanna go back there but I have no spa buddy other than hubby. Boo!

stacy said...

Didn't know that there's wensha in antipolo. There's one near here though. I wanted to try it before but then a death in the pool broke so I changed my mind.

Christia's World said...

@anonymous - not yet. thank you for mentioning it, lemme check on this spa and see if I can fit it in my schedule :)

@joy - thanks!

@cha - Wensha Timog is crowded and last time I went there, the facilities need some sprucing up... for your first wensha experience, best to try Antipolo first :)

@pink magaline - that is the branch that I have yet to try. how is it there?

@stacy - yep, I also heard of that, I also added a link on that vid on my old and first post on wensha.

Anonymous said...

I see that posting links are not allowed here, but I found these for Paradise Spa in Antipolo City. (Perhaps you can delete this or the links after seeing them?) This is the best spa that I have found in Antipolo City and they are moving to a new bigger location.

Christia's World said...

Hi anonymous, I checked the site unfortunately, they have no pictures of the place so I don't know what to expect...

Do you have pictures of the place so I can level set? :)

Anonymous said...

Love your review! You're so witty! :)

Can'y wait to go there this Wednesday, thanks to this post!

Christia's World said...

Aww thanks! And being the people pleaser that I am, I think you are witty too!

Lemme know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

..I read this post prior to yours, is this even true?? I really wanted to try their Metrodeal promo, but I am afraid my BF would get an "extra service" offer just like this post:

Christia's World said...

OMG THAT IS SO SCARY ANONYMOUS! Notice the all caps as I was really shouting (in my mind, because, you know, I am alone and it will be pretty weird if I said that out loud in an empty flat).

DTM boy and I have been to Wensha Antipolo several times and not once was he offered/ given any funky "extra service." I even took my family here, including my dad and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

But hey, the world is crazy out there so if going to this place will make you feel uncomfortable, by all means, skip it. Might give you a heartburn worrying about your bf, instead of the relaxing feeling a spa treatment is supposed to give you.

Pia said...

Want to know more about La Eutopia Spa? Visit review here:

alizybeth said...

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