Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adventures of Spa Girl #8: Potipot Gateway Massage

I will keep this short and sweet. After our long drive to Potipot Gateway resort, we decided to book 2 massages in our room. You had the option to get your massage beach-front but both Deep Tissue Massage boy and I didn't want to get all nekkid and oiled up in front of the South China Sea.

The Breakdown
Wet area: THE BEACH
What do you wear during the massage: knckers
Ambiance, location, contact details and website: See post here.
Price range: Php 350 for a 1 hour massage (we got Swedish)
Anything for the mouth: See post here.

The Good
The therapists were nice and very quiet.

The Massage
Nothing special. But they were able to hit some upper back spots nicely.

The Not-so-Good
More massage training for the therapists will work for their advantage :)

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!

The Verdict
A relatively cheap way to relax, better than your average home service spa.

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