Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 7 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being A Girl

This tweet* speaks the truth about me enjoying being a girl so much. If there is Christia's World theme song which will play once the world becomes mine, it should be Flower Drum Song's I Enjoy Being a Girl. So I think it is high time that I show the reasons why I enjoy having two X chromosomes.

7. Mass CR Migration
For some reason there are so many articles and books made by men that are baffled by what they call a "phenomenon" of women having to go to washrooms in flocks. Well, this is one thing that I enjoy. That brief trip to the washroom serves as a small sliver of bonding time for me and whichever set of gals I am with (be it my sisters, friends, work colleagues).
No we don't do this

6. Existence of Chivalry
Getting doors opened for you, having your bag carried for you, getting a seat in a crowded train, such chivalrous acts still exist in the world. Chivalry is not dead, its just hiding in some men. And I love it when I am in the receiving end. It's like I become a wrinkle-free a senior citizen, what with the special attention given to me. :-p

Although there are some people who despise this concept and call this double standard.
(Photo from livelifefeelgood.files.wordpress.com)

5. Stuff for the face!
Also known as make-up. Thank heavens that it is acceptable that women put a lil gunk on their face to enhance what we already have. I am no make up guru, but concealers during my fugly days are heaven sent.
Just don't go overboard.
4. Hair schtuff
I heard somewhere that men have their cars and women have their hair. I love getting my hair did. And after a trip to the salon, with my hair looking all shiny and new, my heart goes a'flutter and my face becomes 2/3 smile, 1/3 rest of my face. Sorta like the face my beau, Deep Tissue Massage boy, gets after his car gets waxed.
Dontcha just looove my silky smooth hair?
3. Teh clothes! Teh clothes!!!
Women's clothes are just to. DIE. FOR. When my favorite store goes on sale, I feel a certain level of kilig (shudder in delight) reminiscent of when I was in grade school and I caught my crush stealing a glance at me. I am especially fond of dresses -- their fabrics, designs and shape all come together to make me feel like the princess that I am deep inside.
A touch of pink doesn't hurt!

2. MEN
No further explanation needed. (Photo from cosmo.ph)
1. Ability to grow a human inside me
This one I have not tried, nor am I looking forward to this event in the NEAR future. But the mere fact that if I choose to, I can grow a human being in my uterus area, that blows my mind! That's a living creature inside you, growing like that thing in Alien, only cuter and it's not potty-trained.

How about you? What do YOU enjoy in being a girl?
(If you are a boy, what do you think of bullet number 6?)

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Admin said...

What a great list. As for bullet 6 though, yeah sometimes chivalry is still with me. There are some reasons though that i failed to be one - both intenionally and not.

Blair Villanueva said...

this is a good read, and while reading this comes a smile in my face, so lovely, and funny :)

AJ said...

I know many peeps who also enjoy being a girl, even if they're not! :)) All the points I somehow understand, except for the mass CR migration. I mean, in my case, I'd just do my thing in the john and get out of there as quickly as possible! Can't imagine socializing there. Haha!

julie said...

Whew! This post just made me realized that I am not a typical "girl".

7.I hate restrooms first and foremost. I just go there and make pee but I don't check my hair nor retouch my make up (because I don't wear make ups).

6.Hmmm, chivalry. I seldom experience that. I'm used to doing things myself. I find it too cheesy to let a guy open a door for me. lol.

5. Make up. Ah yes, I said I don't wear make-ups.

4. Hair. I'm too lazy to comb my hair. Haha.

3. Clothes. Whew! I'm not really into "clothing". Jeans, shirt, rubber shoes. Perfect.

2. Men. Well, yeah... hahaha.

1. Getting pregnant. Yes. Every woman's dream of course.

Am I normal? hehehehe..

Unknown said...

aha of course my vote is #2!! yummy men!! Joke lang.. hehe... I'm enjoying #6 too but sometimes we also want to prove that we can do things that men can do.. and even better! ;-)

Gil Camporazo | RandomThoughts! said...

What you've enumerated are the very basic of a woman sociological and biological needs. I think you miss something which is one basic attribute of a woman or being a girl, though you mentioned it of being a "carrier" of a human being, your monthly period. That's one important factor for being a girl. What do you think?

Christia's World said...

@john - glad to hear a man's POV
@blair - thanks
@Aj - haha i talk to my friends even while im in the stall #TMI
@julie - hahaha you sure are different from me. but hey, to each his (er her) own, right?
@gil - unfortunately, although monthly cycles are a blessing, i get that, I do not particularly enjoy my monthly visits from the bloody fairy. major cramps!

Vayie said...

hahahaha my fave is number one :) nice one!!!

Christia's World said...

^are you sure it is not number 2? :p
someday maeexperience ko rin..

Bechay said...

I like being a woman but there are times, like at this time, (I'm having a period) I wish I was a man! Lol!

Kat said...

Fun list! I enjoy being a girl, too!

Sumi Go said...

This is a really nice post! :D I agree with everything you listed. #3 is something my bf is envious of.. hahaha.. Bakit daw ang daming types of clothing for girls, but so few for men.. XD

Christia's World said...

@bechay - and to think some women don't even feel their monthly visitors. I guess we are the unlucky bunch :)
@Sumi - it makes up for the fact that we have to wear high heels kasi they are so purdy while they get to wear the most comfortable flats E-VER.

Pinay Mommy Online said...

Wow! I really enjoyed reading your post.

Anyway, I agree with all the points you have written in here especially Number #1. Now that I am a mom, I felt so complete!

Mrs.A said...

Awesome list. :) It was a joy to read.

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