Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shameless Plug: Why Didn't I Watch a Game in Wrigley Field?!

I am feeling a tad bit sentimental so if you are not into that type of thing, I suggest you just visit my other posts here and here.
Anyway, I just watched an episode of Mike and Molly and it reminded me of my 2-month long trip in Illinois back in 2009.
Silver bean-type thing!
So what was one thing that I did NOT do in Chicago that I wish I did? Get me some Chicago Cubs tickets and watch a game at Wrigley Field!

I just checked out how much Wrigley Field tickets cost and the infield upper tickets are around $80 each. I am no huge fan of baseball admittedly but it would have been a great experience to at least get to go to one Chicago Cubs baseball game right?

I promise myself that next time I get the chance, I will get me some MLB tickets and watch a baseball game. Just for the heck of it :)

Note: Ticketamerica.com has Chicago Cubs tickets, Wrigley Field tickets and MLB tickets available in their site. Cool site to buy your tickets from since they show you how the field will look from your ticket's seat before you purchase the tickets.


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