Monday, January 16, 2012

The Adventures of Spa Girl: #6 Nuat Thai

It has been a while since Deep Tissue Massage boy and I had a couples massage, what with all the moving and the holiday season. Last week, we tried Nuat Thai in Greenhills.
I tried different angles but the sleeping guy was all in them. Couldn't get a shot without him in the frame.
We were supposed to try Happy Family Spa in Greenhills but they were full and we did not want to wait an hour for a massage, what with my negative EQ.
The Breakdown

Wet area: They have a shower area but you have to pay extra Php70 to use it. No sauna, no hot tub.

What do you wear during the massage: Just your undies. For the massage, they do not provide disposables.

Ambiance: It was very quiet inside. When we got in the main massage area, the place where you will leave your shoes and "trade" them for sandals was nice. The scent of aromatherapy oils greet you as you remove your shoes.
Although there are no massage rooms. They had massage areas separated by thick curtains.

Price range:

Anything for the mouth: Free hot tea after the massage.

Location: There are different Nuat Thai branches in Metro Manila. Here is a link where the branches are.
Here is a map of the branch in Libis area.

View Larger Map

Sore hours: 1pm - 1 am

Contact them: Branch numbers here.

Website: Nuat Thai

The Good
The place had a very calming look. Prolly the soft lighting. Or my glasses were just dirty.

The Massage
I had the Swedish Massage (Php350) and DTM had the Bentosa (Php450). I found mine okay, nothing that made me want to stifle an orgasm-like moan. Surprisingly though, I liked the arm and the near-the-collarbone-massage that my therapist did.
DTM enjoyed his Bentosa and a day after, he said that all this back pain disappeared! I myself am not a Bentosa fan because of the marks it leaves on your back.
I don't like to become moon-back Spa girl
*If you are not familiar with what a Bentosa massage is, see here.

The Not-so-Good
Since the massage beds are separated by thick curtains only, you can hear other clients. The lady that came in after us was a bit noisy, asking a bunch of questions out loud. Good thing she came like 55 minutes after us. Lady, it may be a good idea to ask all your questions on the receptionist's area.

Also, since DTM and I were sharing a "couples area," our massage therapists kept on whispering to each other every 20 minutes. Although they kept it brief, I was still not too fond on hearing hisses as my bum was being mashed.

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!
This did not happen in the massage place itself, but as we were going back to our parking spot, there was this shady looking man that started to walk towards our way. My heart started to pound and I thought "OhmydearamIgoingtogetmuggedafter9yearslivinginthemetro?!"
Turns out he was just the parking attendant and he was just going to assist us in getting out.
Talk about PA-RA-NOID! :p

The Verdict
Not a bad place to get a Bentosa if you are in the Greenhills area.


Michi said...

this is really affordable pero ayaw ko ng curtain lang pagitan. hehe!

Christia's World said...

yup that was a problem lalo na nung may taong maingay sa kabila. :) it was a really small space so I guess they were making the most out of the area

Lourdes Espanol said...

Very affordable ang prices I must say. I'm going to check out their website. Greenhills is way too far from my place.

Michelle B said...

Affordable! But I'm not a fan of massages myself. Haha There's something very intrusive about someone touching my bare back :P That's just me though. Glad your boyfriend enjoyed his Bentosa :)

Violy said...

Yeah affordable but I always go for comfort I'd rather pay more but I want to get my money's worth.. Hehe.. I don't feel relaxed whenever I hear people talking loudly as if you're in a public place.. Almost naked ka pa naman feeling mo tuloy you are naked in public pag ganyan.. Hehe

Sumi Go said...

Affordable ang massage ah. I'm far from Greenhills though.. >.< But I'll check their Libis branch. Hopefully, their area is bigger and they have actual wall dividers.. :)

Christia's World said...

@lorudes - They have a lot of branches in the Metro. Or you can try other massage places featured in this blog :)
@michelle - yes he did, he wants to make their bentosa a regular thing
@violy - understandable. :)
@sumi - thanks! Their libis branch is actually closer to my home, we only went to their greenhills one coz we needed to pamper our aching feet after a brief shopping trip :)

Unknown said...

Oohh di ba parang masakit pag nagpapamasahe? I find it weird kasi masakit talaga haha..
Just followed you christia!

Please visit mine too!

Stef dela Cruz said...

I have a confession to make: I get really bad headaches after I get massages from strangers. o_O Oh well, there goes all the good massages in the world. But I'm glad you liked your experience. :) Try getting your boyfie to massage you, I think you'll like it even more! I just hope he has gentle hands, hehe. :)

Theindifferentmasochist Bashes UST on Tumblr from Life and Fever

Christia's World said...

@steffie - lol, I can't have DTM massage me. Coz when he starts... LOL *giggles, blushes*

stacy said...

I'v been to Nuat Thai Tomas Morato the one at the back of Congo Grill. Very nice ambiance there.

YANI said...

I love Nuat Thai so much. Been to different branches already. Nice blog! :)

Christia's World said...

@stacy - haven't tried the Tomas Morato branch. Do they have separate rooms there?
@YANI - So you are a Nuat Thai baby huh? :)

Me said...

I havent tried going to Nuat Thai's Greenhills branch, but I like their massage! (and their branch is just a few blocks away from my office here in Makati)

I also hate the curtains though, makes me feel uneasy. :P

Anyway, I saw their promo posted on Metrodeal and it can be availed on Nuat Thai's greenhills branch, do check it out!

Christia's World said...

Libis branch has better trained therapists IMHO

Nature Bliss Wellness Spa said...

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Christia's World said...

Hi Nature Bliss,
Sent you a mail directly, I think I've passed by your place in Marikina...

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