Monday, December 05, 2011

Eating Chicken Feet and Stinky Rice in Hap Chan

I am the type of foodie that relates more to Andrew Zimmern in TLC's Bizarre Foods than with Jaime Oliver or with Rachel Ray. I tend to order unconventional food items listed on the menu more than the usual burger and fries. Case in point, when we were in Vietnam recently, I exclusively ate food that I knew I will not find in Metro Manila. Except for pho (Mental online note, must do a review of Pho Hoa soon).

That is why when we went to Hap Chan recently, instead of ordering our usual fare of sweet and sour shrimp and yang chow fried rice, I opted for chicken with salted fish rice and chicken feet.

This led to a dinner filled with the aroma of stinky hot fish and chicken feet bones sticking out my mouth.

Hap Chan's chicken feet is not as soft as the one they serve in Luk Yuen or Causeway but they are tasty enough. The part that I love most about eating chicken feet is that you have to have a certain mouth dexterity to peel off all the good stuff from the small chicken feet without the help of your fingers. Real talent that I honed from years of eating "Adidas" (barbecued chicken feet) in street corners without being caught by my mom who thinks that street food will give me the united versions of Hepatitis.

Then came the rice. I think the tables near us were cursing us silently as we really did a number in stinking up the area where we were eating.

Aside from these, we also had hakao (shrimp dumplings), nido sweet corn soup and roasted pork asado.

I've been a big fan of hakao ever since I watched that Cooking Masterboy episode where he made his shrimp dumplings dance as he pumped steam into them. The people who tasted his hakao cried as they were overwhelmed with the delicious flavor.

Needs improvement: Maybe warn your patrons about your stinky rice.
What we like: Free flowing tea
Verdict: Hap Chan is still Hap Chan. Maybe next time I will stick with my usual, then just add the chicken feet.
Menu/ Prices: Munchpunch menu of Hap Chan

How to contact them and how to get there?

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Sumi Go said...

We usually eat at Hap Chan for late night dimsum cravings. We like their Chicken Feet, Spareribs, Seaweeds with Century Egg and Hakao.. ^^

PS: Visiting from GT. Hope you can drop by my blog too. Thanks!

bechay said...

Chicken feet adobo is my favorite! I'm a Girltalker sis and just followed your blog. Visit mine sometime. Thank you!

Christia's World said...

@Sumi - Thanks for dropping by! :) For other dimsum options try Causeway. I love the fact they have a dimsum cart.

Christia's World said...

@bechay - Will do! Thanks.

Marice said...

thanks for the visit! sorry for the delay of returning the favor ha :)

Christia's World said...

Hey no problem, I actually enjoy reading blogs so getting invited to browse through websites is a pleasure :)

Pink MagaLine said...

Yummy food! I'd like to try that soup and dumplings. Thanks for the visit sis. Visiting you back from GT!

Btw, your sidebar poll made me smile. Cute blog you have! :D

Christia's World said...

Haha, thanks for dropping by :) my blog is very new and I am still learning the ropes on blogging and visiting sites like yours help me loads.

Glad to make you smile. Would appreciate your vote!

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