Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in the Hospital

I have been out of commission for the past few days not because I was out partying because of the Yuletide season. Not even because I was celebrating my first few days as a free unemployed woman (more on this on a later post) but because I was in the hospital on Christmas day.

My sister had a heart episode (will spare the details) after playing a round of Pump it Up in SM Pampanga. She had to spend a night in ICU where she shared the place with 2 unbelievably talkative old men (1 man was looking for a pool inside the hospital while the other needed more bananas in his system, which coincidentally was my sister's favorite fruit.)
Am I a fruit?! Or a vegetable? Or a flower? Google it up. You know wanna.
So while we were in the hospital, instead of wallowing in sadness, I just thought of 7 things to be thankful for. To be honest, spending it in the hospital is just all shades of sadness but as one self-help book said, you attract what you feel. So I chose to feel positive.

7. Seeing Dr. Cox in action
When my sister felt the extreme palpitations, we rushed her to the ER where we were greeted by the Kapampangan version of Dr. Perry Cox, the obnoxious, extremely loud and full-of-himself doctor in my ever favorite slapstick comedy sitcom Scrubs. His name was Dr. Maluncot. Yes, his name literally meant sad. Which was why in the ER, they called him Dr. Happy.
Dr.Cox is as happy as Dr. Sad (Photo from fanpop.com)

He was a no nonsense person and had a strong personality which I guess was the reason why he made one nurse cry. He also made my sister panic in an effort to calm her down.
I think he wanted my sister not to see all the commotion happening to save her life so he kept on shouting to her, "Close your eyes! Close your eyes!" But it only made my sister sense that something was wrong so her heart rate went even higher.
Calm down! Why aren't you calming the hell down?! CALM DOWN! (Photo from pollpigeon.com)
6. Free food
I am not talking about hospital food here but I have to say, their coleslaw didn't suck a$s. I am talking about all the free food that my sister got from her loving visitors. A free slice of pizza for the bantay (person watching over)? Yes, please. Late night Jollibee burger steak from the late night visitors that only the bantay can eat because the patient was already asleep? Oh double yes please!
This is so good, it makes up for the burger steak burp you will be having for the next 2 hours (Photo from jollibee.com)
5. Complete hospital experience
On her last day in the hospital, my sister was already feeling fine. She didn't really feel sick so the hospital bored her crazy. When the wheelchair came in to help her get out of the hospital, she didn't really see the need to ride it. So my ever loving boyfriend Deep Tissue Massage boy told her to just enjoy the ride as it fulfills the complete hospital experience. :-)

4. Helpful strangers
Paying the hospital and going through the prerequisites of Philhealth while your mind is a-worry is a very taxing experience. Good thing the old ladies queuing up to do the same thing as I was were such experts in this field that they helped me along the way.
Let us help you little one. - from your fairy god grandmothers of Philhealth (Photo from abrsm.org)

3. Taho
Since the hospital where my sister stayed at in Angeles, Pampanga was near the public market, we had a good source of yummy, piping hot taho (sweetened soy bean curd) for breakfast. It kept us awake while waiting for her in the ICU waiting area.

2. Anatomically normal
My sister's ECG and 2D Echo all came back normal. We are still due for a follow up check up for further tests but so far, so good. :)
I'm alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!

1. Friends and family lovin'
It was all so heart-warming to see all the love of the relatives and friends pouring in to help me and my sisters out in these trying times. From DTM boy's resident doctor friend who was coincidentally on duty when we came in the ER, (thank heavens she was there as she made sure my sister was comfortable all through-out the ordeal) to my nursing cousin who dropped by and bought my sister siopao (steamed bun) while waiting for us as I took a quick shower back home, everyone showed their fabulous love and support.
Major thanks to all of you, you all know who you are.


Bechay said...

Sorry to hear that you celebrated Christmas in the hospital sis yet it seemed that you had sort of a fun anyway, hehehe!

Hope your sister is going to be perfectly well pretty soon. Happy New Year!

Christia's World said...

thanks bechay. and a happy new year to you as well.

Noel said...

i recognize the strawberry taho from baguio!!!

glad to know it wasn't serious.

"Dr. Cox"...hehehe.

Jonathan said...

It's great that you saw the positive side of things rather than be down during Christmas. It only comes once a year (duh) so you should simply enjoy it while it lasts, not matter the situation.

Hope you had a blast!

Christia's World said...

@noel - PLEASE SHARE THIS! LOL. Yes, I had to crop your head out as the picture actually has you tagged in it. :p
Yes, hopefully, all the follow up test will also show a result not too bad... I still want to know what the root cause is...

@jonathan - i knew i had to see the silver lining... why have a depressing xmas, right?

c5 @ globalrecycledproducts.com said...

Life is really a choice. You decide what you want to be, happy or sad, thankful or ungrateful, negative or positive. Either one pulls you fast, down or up. :)

EdZee said...

Most old men, including me, want to converse with someone if they have the chance to do so. I'm glad that it seemed you were able to bear hearing them.:)

Kidding aside, it's really up to anyone to make use of his time. Some waste it but you didn't.

Lady Patchy said...

good to hear that your sister is better now and another one is thta you made a really good post out of it. i enjoyed reading it.And tell to take care of herself

MEL said...

Naku it's so hard to really be hospitalized, much more if you're hospitalized during a special or important celebration like Christmas. I remember my daughter being hospitalized on me and my hubby's Anniversary. The more I feel the pain. huhu..

I'm glad your sister ok na! Cheer(^_^)

Gil Camporazo said...

Christmas in the hospital is an experience to reckon with from the sick person, to the attending doctor, to foods, to visitors, and to recuperating stage. All these things complete a routine of getting one to a clean bill of health. And lastly, this could be one of those unforgettable experiences of the hospitalized and the story-teller, the blogger for that matter. Sickness is unavoidable in any form. But it can be avoided if you're conscious of your lifestyle. A medical maxim says: "an ounce of care is better that a pound of cure."

What's up in my latest photoblog: T.R.U.T.H.

alwin said...

Ugh! I hate hospitals and I dreaded staying at one point when I had to. Well, now that I blog, I guess that will change. Good to hear that your sister is fine now. Stay healthy! :-)

Christia's World said...

@C5 - I hear ya.
@Ed - Thanks for seeing that.
@tatess - will do. :) She is taking things slowly now...
@MEL - thanks :)
@ Gil - If only we can prevent what happened to her.
@alwin - thanks!

Aleah | SolitaryWanderer.com said...

Glad to know there's nothing wrong with your sis. I really admire your attitude towards spending Christmas in the hospital. Others would just be depressed, but you found a way around it!

Eoz said...

Thanks GOd your sister is ok now.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

wandering soles said...

lovely post:) good to know your sister is ok now. Have a blissful new year! :)

Christia's World said...

@aleah - thanks, yes I had to be positive. No way was I gunna be depressed on xmas :)
@eoz and wanderingsoles - thanks! and to you as well!

Sining Factory said...

Hahaha. I found it funny (especially the free food). I mean, you're so optimistic. Instead of panicking, you still had time to think of many good things that happened. You still celebrated the true meaning of Christmas, family. :)

Christia's World said...

Thanks Sining. It is one of my New Year's resolution to see the positive things only. BUT that does not mean that I won't address the negative ones.

chrisair said...

natawa naman ako sa free food sa hospital, that was really true, foods are keep on coming by visitors and my visitors enjoyed it too (exp fr. d fast) good thing that your sis are now ok, Merry Christamas and happy new year

yuuki said...

glad to hear ur sister is fine, while reading your post i feel u enjoyed the whole hospital experience...or maybe you had a nice way of putting it on the positive way...

love, health and success for 2012!

Christia's World said...

@chrisair - she is due for her follow up tomorrow, hop0e everything is a-OK
@yuuki - not that I enjoyed it... I just thought of looking at the positive side of things instead of dwelling on the bad that i had no control over :)

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